More, Better Rides

I was able to ride Eli Friday, Saturday, and Monday. The weather was nice on Sunday, too, but I took a day trip to visit with family.

On Friday, I rode under the lights, but Eli actually relaxed pretty well after a couple laps of his best alpaca impersonation. Saturday, he came out of the stall in a great mood. Still a grump, but definitely benefiting from more turnout while the weather allows. I also think his attitude toward blanketing has really changed for the better. He doesn’t even protest when I put his blanket on when it’s cold. I have noticed some hair at his lower left shoulder is getting rubbed a little, so I may be buying him a liner for his shoulder. I have needed so many horse clothes for Eli this winter and it’s annoying.

I did jump some with my trainer on Saturday. Just the very simple trotting in and cantering out of the lines and halting straight or doing a simple change before the corner. Eli knows this drill and didn’t put a foot wrong.

Monday, I rode with my trainer again and we continued in the same program.

lesson edit from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Eli did spook/leap/step oddly after a course, and we have no idea what agitated him. Looking at the video, maybe a horse being jogged in hand was enough to set him off? Or maybe he stung/stepped on himself and threw a tantrum about it? The clip is on my Instagram if you haven’t seen it yet. I walked him around for 5 minutes, trotted him both directions and he felt sound, so who knows. I really thought he could have injured something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. We took the outside line a few more times to my trainer’s satisfaction and ended on that.

And today, no riding or barn time at all. No work, either. Texas is closed. I did check the local news, and the main road I take to the barn from my house had some iced-over bridges, so I get to hang out more with Conrad. I know Eli is okay–the barn was hanging buckets, wrapping pipes, closing windows, and in general preparing for another spate of more than 24 hours of sub-freezing temperatures. It’ll be 70 again by Saturday — blanketing is a challenge here. I know a lot of people have it much worse than here, but that won’t stop me from wishing for summer!

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  1. ugh i can’t believe how cold you guys have had it this year. We have had it bad too but we are IN THE ACTUAL NORTHEAST so makes more sense 🙂 HA! I think it must be so hard for barns to go from 1 degree or something like that to almost 70 and hard on the horses too!!
    Stay warm and snuggle with the dachshie. Glad you got some rides in before all that crap it!


  2. It looks like Eli is really enjoying being back to work!

    It was -7 yesterday morning and the high was only 15. It’s supposed to be 30 today and mid-40s by the weekend. Winter is dumb. Really dumb. My horse and pony will likely be hot today as they were dressed for the low of -5 last night. Such is life when you’re a horse in a place with weather as stupid as it is in Kansas.


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