Weenie Wednesday: New Bedding

I am not a terribly domestic person. While I can appreciate good design and tactfully edited stagings, I am very much an odd combination of utilitarian and hoarder when it comes to my own furnishings and belongings. 

Which is to say, I kinda needed some new bed linens. As I picked things out on Amazon and at Target, my driving inspiration was this: would Conrad like this? 

I think I did good. Conrad typically hangs out downstairs for at least part of the day … after one night on the new bedding, Conrad pretty much didn’t leave his (also mine, but really) bed other than to eat and go outside for five minutes. 

I think he likes it. 

10 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: New Bedding

  1. My dogs LOVE a fuzzy blanket! When I was one and get it out of the dryer my Italian Greyhound will jump up and down and squeal. It makes me want to wash it every day bc she gets so excited. Yay for Conrad and new cozy bedding!

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