Good Morning, 2018

The Instagram #bestnine posts fill my feed right now, and I of course went to get my own:

But looking at those results left me kinda meh. I appreciate all the social media love, don’t get me wrong! But no Conrad? No jumping pictures? I thought I could create my own collage that represented what 2017 meant to me:

That’s better! Eli and I only made it to two shows, but we switched to the hunters and got ribbons our second time out. Eli’s right front is on the path to a better angle, and Conrad is snuggling with me now as I write this from my phone. I am not one to reflect too much on the past, but 2017 treated me plenty well enough. I go into 2018 looking forward to all the year may have in store for me. 

And for today, I am waiting for the roads to thaw so I can go stuff Eli full of apples and cookies and let him spend time in the sun, which is finally back!

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