Kensington All Around Cotton Day Sheet Review

Eli has been wearing the Kensington Cotton Day Sheet for a few winters at this point, and I have been extremely happy with this sheet. Eli actually has 2 of them. I hadn’t thought to review it before, but I have gotten a few questions and numerous compliments on it, so I think a review would be helpful.

As hard as Texas is trying to be Antarctica right now, Texas winters are typically very mild and I have long preferred a cotton sheet for a light layer for any of my horses during the more mild winter evenings we are used to here. Initially, Eli wore some hand-me-downs that did not fit well and liked to destroy blankets and sheets, so I wanted something durable and affordable. I shopped online for a while, and found the Kensington sheet at a good price — I have seen them on State Line Tack and Amazon for as low as ~$65 in off seasons (in Eli’s size, anyway). With literally nothing to go on other than online reviews, I bought Eli this sheet.

The first sheet made it through winter and just needed a few minor repairs and a cleaning. It made it through a second winter, too, but I didn’t get it out for cleaning in time, so Eli got a new one. It is holding up just as well as the first so far, and I like the Citrus Slate plaid color of his new one (his other one is in Black plaid, vaguely reminiscent of the classic Burberry pattern).

The sheet has some great features, particularly the hardware. The shoulder gussets are great for Eli, and I wish his current blanket had them. I was extremely skeptical of it at first, but the belly surcingle clips have held up and not caused any problems. They are slightly easier to secure than the traditional belly surcingle closures.

The sheet also has rear elastic leg straps which are very soft and don’t seem to irritate Eli too much. The chest buckles look reinforced and have tough nylon keepers, although there is no Velcro at the chest closure.

As you can see, shavings do stick to the sheet somewhat, although not as much as, say, they would to a Baker sheet and they shake right off. You can also see how the size is clearly marked, which could be handy if multiple horses in the barn have the same sheet. The sheet also has some very soft synthetic fleece at the wither to keep from rubbing. In fact, I have not noticed that this sheet produced any rubs on Eli’s coat.

For the price, I don’t think there is a better sheet on the market. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy Eli a third, especially if they start making solid colors, like navy or black.

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  1. I can’t believe he wears the same size as Remus! LOL…but I think i had one of those similar kensingtons and liked it until Remus pasture buddy decided he DIDNT like it LOL….I always love hearing what everyone uses for their horses. Thanks for reviewing!!


  2. Does he mostly wear it as a layer or under blankets? I have 3 gajillion Baker blankets and it turns out my mare HATES them so I’m trying to figure out a new system for her…….


    1. It’s mostly worn by itself, but if it gets cold enough, I have had it on him as a layer under a blanket without issue. It’s just usually never cold enough for that, though. Eli in general hates clothes but he protests the least about this sheet.


  3. I’m glad you reviewed this, since I really thought it looked great on Eli. I have the Rambo Optimo stable sheet for Libby, but that still isn’t a great fit, so may have to look at other options. This one may work since I know Kensington’s tend to run roomier in the shoulders. Perfect for whale mare.


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