Weenie Wednesday: Christmas

Conrad enjoys Christmas. He gets to spend more time with more people he loves, and he gets to open presents. I think he has as much fun rooting through gift bags of tissue paper as he does with any of his other toys. So of course, he gets lots of presents! Some for him to open, and some for his mommy to open because some presents are for wearing, not killing.

Conrad spent the most time with a stuffingless lion his Grammy gave him for Christmas. I think he spent a solid 2-3 hours chewing on it, dismembering it, and generally ripping it in to shreds.

There was nothing left to even put in his toy basket.

dead lion from patentlybay on Vimeo.

He also got some new clothes and treats.

spot the weenie

It has been cold here, so he has worn the heavier sweaters on our walks, but he also got this adorable green plaid flannel shirt that looks sooooooo cute on him. so I have to get a picture of that one on him when it warms back up a little. Which apparently will not happen until next year.

GO BLUE (I am told this is what you say)

One of the gifts I got belongs in this post, because it is a dachshund-themed pillow that now resides in the chair that Conrad and I share when we yell at the news on TV.

Conrad is exhausted after all the excitement! Even on our walks — which I tried to convince him not to go this morning because it’s 36F — he moves a little pokey and I had to carry him home because he started shivering even with his cozy wool sweater on! I think he is ready for me to go back to work so he can sleep all day again.

I am hoping to close out the year with a couple of reviews tomorrow and Friday — Eli’s Kensington plaid cotton day sheet (I keep getting asked about it) and my new favorite socks, TuffRider bamboo argyle socks (I got some for Christmas and where have these been all my life???) I haven’t been able to ride hardly at all because of mud and cold. I am hoping next year brings warm sun and dry weather!

11 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Christmas

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  1. I always want a dachsie when I see your posts and EverythingPony posts about her dachshund. We have had 2. They are so cute. And i am glad Conrad got more clothes 🙂 I have to take a photo of my shower curtain and bathmat that has dacshies on it. You will love it 🙂


  2. Belated Merry Christmas! I want to see what the flannel shirt looks like on him! Reef just started wearing a sweater cuz he has thin skin and now I want to buy HIM ALL THE SWEATERS.


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