Weenie Wednesday: Fog

Earlier this week, we had some fog. It rolled in Sunday night and by Monday night it was actually the thickest fog I have ever driven in. On rural county roads. With no shoulders. Or striping. Visibility was about 10 yards unless there was an oncoming car then it was like just swerve away from the headlights and hope I don’t hit a tree. At least the trees are small.

Conrad did not find the dreary, drippy, cold wet days enjoyable.

He stays bundled up in multiple blankets on the furniture. It is sunny today, but more icky weather is on the way. To keep the festive spirit in tact, I thought grabbing a little film of my street in the fog might be kind of neat — it’s a short street and every house has lights up. The fog wasn’t as bad in my neighborhood as it was near the barn, so the lights just look all twinkly and the refraction isn’t too bad.

lights from patentlybay on Vimeo.

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