Weather Delay

We don’t see snow much in this area, and to see it in December is even more of a rarity. Given that the ground was too warm for anything to stick around for long, we were left to slog through cold mud.

This basically means I had not ridden Eli for a week. Unfortunately, when Eli doesn’t get turnout and work time, his lumbar area gets sore or stiff. So when I did ride him on this past Sunday, after he had had a week off, I just walked on a long rein for a long (and boring) time. The next day, I rode again, and he had more time in the round pen to loosen up — his lumbar region seemed much less sore and I rode him at both the walk and a long and low trot (when he wasn’t moosing about the wind in the trees).

Today he gets de-wormed, so it will mean another day off that can’t be helped, but things are drying out so I am hoping to ride for the rest of the week.

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  1. Ugh mud. I’m already scared of what mud awaits come spring at home but I’ve got a few months to think about that while freezing.
    Stampede always got sore in that same area after time off and/or no turnout. He’s managed to get sore a few times in retirement even. I just assume it relates to having a looong back. He doesn’t wear an 87″ blanket because he’s fat, lol.
    Maybe a dumb question by why does de-worming equal a day off?


    1. Not a dumb question — I have the same one. It *used* to equal a day off because I had horses long enough ago that we would tube de-worm them and giving them 24-48 hours after that procedure was recommended by the vet. Given that Eli is on a regular deworming schedule and has not reacted badly to the pastes before (watch him react today, lol) it probably doesn’t matter. (I think this is even the answer the vet gave when I asked, which was a few years ago.) I know the paste can give some horses a bit of an upset stomach (or worse depending on the brand). I am also vaguely remembering rumors, again from a long time ago, that if the horse gets hot, like from normal exercise it can lower the effectiveness of the de-worming agents. I doubt that is true, though. I have decided in the interest of keeping his lumbar on track to no more soreness, I am going to get on and walk him around a lot. I figure just walking wouldn’t upset his tummy. I call it my abundance of caution strategy, because horses are horses.


      1. I had always given my horses at least a 24 hr break for the same reason (possible upset tummy). I also don’t like to worm in the evening and then leave- because there is no one there to see if he gets uncomfortable. I try to worm on a weekend morning so my trainer will be there all day to keep on eye on things. I’m weirdly paranoid about worming, and even had a fecal test done on Rio last month even though he has never had a reaction or shown any signs of having worms. (It came back negative!)


      2. Hmm, I can’t say I was ever told there was anything to keep an eye on afterwards! As a kid you just had to worm your horse then leave the empty tube as proof, I don’t think they even told us what to use but it was required bimonthly.
        I do fecal tests on all the boys so usually we just worm twice a year. Counts were a little high when I tested last so we are doing three times this year. That said I wormed everyone at night and didn’t think twice about it!
        I will say I do have products I avoid though like zimectrin gold due to all the bad reactions. Quest Plus also kind of freaks me out and Stampede acts like he’s dying from the taste of it for a good hour after. I usually use equimax twice a year and I think our added worming is just ivermectrin.

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  2. Winter weather can really suck. I used to not be able to do anything in the winter except ride during my lessons because my dirt arena would just be a pile of mud due to the rain.


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