Weenie Wednesday: Do you get your pups holiday presents?

Conrad most definitely gets Christmas and birthday presents, and you-were-SO-BRAVE-at-the-vet presents sometimes, too.

I am sure Conrad will insist I post about all the presents he gets for Christmas. It makes me wonder whether lots of people give their companion animals presents? Is it a distinctly American thing? Do you think the animals even get why? I think Conrad enjoys Christmas tree lights–the tree is next to a chair he likes to sleep in. Whether he connects that with thinking Santa is bringing him presents … who knows?

It was so much warmer just days ago …

Winter has finally arrived in Texas, nearly every house on my street has lights up, and Conrad can’t wait to play with the gift bags and tissue paper that his presents come in.

9 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Do you get your pups holiday presents?

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  1. TunaDog definitely gets presents! He got a big bag of tennis balls and special treats for his birthday and he’ll have some surprises coming for Christmas. He has a stocking too. He seems to love sitting and watching the tree too, which is interesting because this is the dog who is afraid of ev-er-y-thing.


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