Weenie Wednesday: Festive

One of the things my family does every Thanksgiving is put up the Christmas tree. This is mostly for practical reasons: we are all around and have time off work. Being the “tiny” person in my family, it’s my job to get up on a ladder or step stool and put on the tree lights, as well as the tree topper and smaller ornaments at the top of the tree.

Tree Boss

Conrad supervises.

He also enjoys sitting in his chair next to the tree. Perhaps to admire the finished product of his powers of delegation?

He also naps there.

I find decorating a tree — hanging my favorite ornaments especially — very soothing. It’s such a simple thing and it brings such joy during the dark of winter.

6 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Festive

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  1. we dont usually put up a tree since my mom died and i miss it but my dad wont do it. GRHH we also dont put one up in our house because it is so damn small (the house not the tree LOL) and the CAT climbs it. That tree is gorgeous and it helps that it is accentuated with a dacshie near by 🙂


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