Weenie Wednesday: Staying Warm

Saturday morning brought in the first truly cold weather of the season, so of course I had to break out Conrad’s sweaters. We went on a nice, long walk through the park and didn’t run into anybody! I guess it was too cold for everyone else? (On a side note: I forgot any kind of sweater or jacket to wear at my office today and I am FREEZING. But looking at pictures of Conrad wearing a sweater makes me feel warmer.)

9 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Staying Warm

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  1. Clyde and Bonnie are confirmed nudists. I can’t get the little punks to wear their coats. They’d rather freeze their butts and toes. Then Bonnie comes in and hides under a blanket, while Clyde goes to the recliner downstairs, climbs up on the foot rest, and woofs at the heater until you turn it on for him. Rotten kids.

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  2. Gretchen has been wearing her sweaters already. I have not broken the coats out yet but it is only a matter of time!! It was 38 degrees here yesterday a.m. Ollie doesnt wear anything except a coat if it is raining and cold OR snowing and cold. But Gretchen the schnauzer says all the coats and sweaters, thanks 🙂 Love Conrad’s facial expressions too 🙂

    PS I leave a long sweater at work AND i have a heated throw in my drawer I pull out at work every winter. People are extremely jealous how warm I am in our building (FREEZING IN THERE ALL THE TIME) HA!

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  3. My dachshund Choco LOATHES her sweaters lol! She hates clothes, but she can’t argue that it keeps her warmer! Even though she tries to argue. And gives you the dachshund eyes. And sits there shivering. Silly dachshund lol. Conrad is so cute tho! Love those little dogs!

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