Weather Delays

After schooling Eli last Monday, he got his teeth done and it rained, so trying to ride on Tuesday or Wednesday was out of the question.

Would like to do this again …

On Thursday evening the footing in the smaller of the two rings at my barn was in good shape, but Eli hasn’t worked much under the lights yet and the ride was an exercise in convincing Eli not to spook at things outside the arena that look terrifying in the dark (like the water tank, trees, an orange and white cat, some coolers set out to dry flat …). After that kind of situation, I knew Eli would not be in the right frame of mind to jump on Saturday, so I just did some light flat work and tried to stay out of the way of people actually jumping.

I usually ignore my phone but sometimes I feel obligated to check it when it buzzes me just in case.

Sunday was the first day I could really get a good flat work session in, although the humidity and lack of breeze had both me and Eli dripping in sweat by the end of the ride. And check out barn favorite Whisper making a cameo appearance.

trotting from patentlybay on Vimeo.

If the cold front stays away long enough, I will probably jump him around over some low fences just to get the exercise in tonight. And, of course, it might rain again. I am ready for the cooler weather, though. It’s going to be 95F today before the cold front blows through late tonight. Yuck.

8 thoughts on “Weather Delays

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  1. Don’t you wish weather, daylight hours and footing would just be a little more cooperative so we can get our rides in? LOL. Nice post – and that trot looks so nice and relaxed. PS – Whisper looks adorable!


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