Fitting In Some Jumps

Weather in Texas rarely cooperates so sometimes you have to take a chance at getting things done in between storms. Fortunately last week I was able to ride Eli a few days, and I was off work on Monday of this week. I asked my trainer on short notice if she had time to help me with Eli over fences which resulted in a very brief jump school over those fences in the arena that had suitable footing around them. Around a few of the jumps, the footing was still too dicey, but Eli and I managed to pull out some SUPER SASSY efforts over the fences that had decent footing around them.

white line sass from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Horse still jumps? Check. Rider stays on throughout? Check.

blue line sass from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Tuesday he had his teeth attended to, which is just as well because it rained some more.

Maybe this Saturday I can get an actual lesson in the actual arena with actually good footing. Not going to hold my breath, though.

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