Fall Looks

I really have just a few ideas to augment my fall equestrian wardrobe. Surely by now, these will be no surprise to anyone that I covet them.

I have been very happy with the one pair of Romfh Gabriella breeches that I have in White Sand. With Romfh’s fall colors hitting tack shops right now, I like seeing a broader palette for the Gabriella silhouette. I am torn between Coffee and Deep Sage. Deep Sage triggers a little nostalgia for me because it looks a bit like the green beige Tailored Sportsmans from horse showing in the 90s. Plus I’m certain that shade is gonna camouflage dirt.

Layering is a necessity in Texas in the fall. Because it might be in the 40s or 50s in the morning, and mid-to-high-80s by the afternoon. I shop for base layers regularly that can still be worn alone, mainly because I only have a few shirts that fit this bill and I wear them out! I think the Asmar Vale Top is a great addition for their fall line. And it comes in a dark grey, one of my favorite colors for fall and winter.

My default footwear for the barn is tall boots for riding, and muck boots, tennis shoes, or boat shoes for non-riding activities. In the back of my mind, I think paddock boots might be a safer option for my toes than the boat shoes. I occasionally window shop for paddock boots, but haven’t owned a pair in ages. One of my friends has a pair of Tonics and I love the look. Does anybody else have experience with this brand?




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  1. I’ve been waiting (not so) patiently for new colors in the gabriella to buy some. Looking forward to trying them!

    The tonics look nice! My main issue with wearing anything other than paddock boots when I’m at the barn but not riding is that everything ends up in my shoes/boots since they are so open at the top and then gets attached to my socks. With the boys at home I get hay on my socks then carry it all over the house. When Stamp stepped on me a couple years ago I think the coverage of the boot helped me some as well as the leather but otherwise my foot was still smooshed and angry.

    I generally kill a pair of ariat paddock boots in a year though and my current pair is dying. I bought a replacement pair (same model, same size) but after a few wears noticed they are wider and really uncomfortable for me. So I will look into the tonics!

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  2. I’m waiting not so patiently for the beginning of next year to try out the Kastel breeches. I’ll have to look into the Romfh breeches, they look pretty nice and I’ve never tried that brand before. Can’t help you with the Tonics, as I’ve only had Ariat paddock boots. My first pair lasted 9 years and then my current pair are still holding strong after 3. And I use them every day, I still haven’t made the leap to buy tall boots.


      1. Ya, I loved them. They were an older model, so not sure if they have different leather now or not. Because a recent pair of Ariat muck boots lasted a whopping 4 months before the insides broke down.


  3. I’m going to need some good fall breeches, but I’ve become attached to having grippy silicone and can’t afford anymore Animos right now. I just picked up a pair of Dublin boots for the barn this winter too, since I’m about to have… winter for the first time. Save me.

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  4. I live vicariously through you and your equine-fashionista style. I have yet to jump the Ariat paddock boot ship though. Only because of the footbeds… the quality has definitely taken a tumble and they don’t last as long with regular barn work like they used to which is sad. I had some stitching give out a few months into a new pair and when I went to see if they could do something at Dover the manager at the time stated, “These are only made for riding, not regular barn use.” Ummm… since when? They’re called “paddock” boots… 😑😑😑


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