Horse Show Weekend

Although Eli is taking a little vacation, I am still filling my calendar with horsey things to do, especially on the weekends. While we had initially planned to show this weekend, things change because horses and I wound up working at the horse show instead.

post-show relaxation in the shade

I may have been disappointed about not being able to show Eli, but the day was far from disappointing. I got to spend ALL DAY watching ponies do their thing and got to cheer on some barn mates in their divisions. These local shows are a good way to catch up with friends, too. I couldn’t ask for an easier job than that! Sunday was ponies all day again, and sharing my passion with horses and friends. And ANOTHER very interesting thing happened on Sunday morning …

Don’t get too excited. We just walked. But I figure if he looks okay playing in turnout, he can walk under saddle. Perhaps my caution is overzealous. However, there are things in the back of my mind regarding Eli’s RF that drive me to take getting him back into work very, very slowly. There is absolutely no point in rushing and every reason to get his heel and sole in good shape before doing much. But in this weather, even just walking around is so damn pleasant. Plus I have to break in some stuff …

A few deals are too good to pass up, especially when you have confidence in the durability of the brand already. And they are in your size. Like, exact size. And the seller cut a crazy deal for both if purchased together.

Now I am just waiting on Hydrophane and Durasole to get everybody’s feet all perfect and stuff.

7 thoughts on “Horse Show Weekend

  1. OMG YOU GOT DENIROS! SO EXCITING. Cannot wait to see more pics! My brown pair is over a year old now and still look new. Like, talk about amazing quality that I expect to last many many years. Don’t tell me how much (or little!) you paid or I may become super jealous slash wanting a 3rd pair LOL!

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  2. It’s been perfect meandering weather here too! We ended up just walking around on the buckle through fields for almost 2 hours with friends on Saturday!
    And I can’t WAIT to see more about the boots – I’m THISCLOSE to buying a pair of brown ones…

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