My level of “antsy” is getting a bit high, but I know Eli needs more time to heal his heel. The bruise has surfaced, and I think it probably feels like a bad heel grab to him at this point. I am hopeful a few more days to one more week off will get him going again. He still gets every other activity — turn out, grazing, grooming, and getting apples. Plus lots of me fussing over his RF. He looks comfortable in turn out but still winces a bit when I press on the bruised area of his heel (which is now VERY visible, but no longer mushy). I could probably ride him around at a walk today, but I don’t want riding to aggravate the bruise.

Untitled from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Other than the fact that riding is my only exercise, I feel no pressure to get Eli going under saddle. I have actually enjoyed spending time with him without riding. He’s a grass vacuum and a total pet on the ground for the most part.  I am sad to miss out on showing this weekend, but there are still plenty of options to show later on until the end of the year.

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