No Hoof, No Horse (Reprise)

Guess who managed to bruise a heel? On the hoof we just modified the shoeing on? Am I surprised? Eli’s timing is actually pretty convenient considering how water-logged everything is around here. He has had a lot of stall time and grooming sessions over the last five days. Now add to that wrapping his RF with epsom salt green goop. Perhaps I am going overboard?

Yesterday was the first day that things were really dry enough to do stuff. Like graze, roll in the round pen, and the small ring was dry enough for a flat lesson (in which I did not participate; great to see the lesson kids riding, though).

Until Eli’s bruised heel heals up, I am going to take a pass on riding him because I don’t want to make it worse–the bruise is small but a bit mushy. This may mean passing on stuff on our calendar for September, but I don’t expect him to be out of work for long. He can have as much turnout and as many spa days as he wants, though.

His mane is out of control!


11 thoughts on “No Hoof, No Horse (Reprise)

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  1. This summer has been so bad for feet! Frankie’s been in glue-ons and special shoe-ing for a couple cycles now, and just when we thought we were in the clear, he lost his shoe 3 times in 2 days. Legit. So now we’re back in speshul shoes.


  2. Eli just wanted extra attention apparently. And seriously, the summer of feet is no joke… mine has a HOLE in the side of his foot, above his shoe. I cannot comprehend how the eff it happened. 100% sound though hallelujah.


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