Weenie Wednesday: Weenie Floaties

In light of yet another flood disaster in Texas, I am reminded that I still have not bought Conrad a life jacket. I plan to remedy this deficiency as soon as possible. The one I have considered to be the top choice is the Ruffwear Float Coat:

I know how durable Ruffwear products are and how they fit Conrad. But are other doggie life jackets available? Know of any good ones? Do any of you have life jackets for your dogs or other companion animals?

7 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Weenie Floaties

  1. my dad’s dachsie had one of those on the boat (this has been a few years ago obviously but that one looks very similar to the one that Fritz had).he wore it every time on the boat and the best part is the handle at the top so you can pick him up like a six pack HA! Get one!! and then we need lots of photos!

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  2. I have an Outward Hound brand life jacket for my dog (who is half weiner dog). My favorite part of is is that the straps that hold on the belly band part of it buckle (rather than just use velcro) so there is no way he could accidentally slip out. His has one big handle across the length of the top which did come in handy the one time he decided to jump out of my kayak,


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