Weenie Wednesday: Treats

I try to avoid truly stinky dog treats, but I can compromise on freeze dried stuff because even though it smells, the smell is not very strong.

One of Conrad’s favorite treats are the freeze dried venison liver treats from Bravo. When you open the bag, you definitely get an essence of bloody liver aroma but it is pretty minimal.

Bravo also caters to those companion animals who prefer raw diets, but I haven’t tried that type of diet with Conrad.

I like how the venison liver treats are very small–really a perfect size for Conrad. He insists two or three of them top his meals before he eats. I get these treats from Tomlinson’s, a local Austin chain that has a really good selection of treats, toys, and food.

Which treats do your dogs crave? And do you feed a raw diet to your animals?

6 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Treats

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  1. We like Solid Gold’s treats (well everything Solid Gold), CheckUps for teeth and Costco sells (not on the website apparently) these bags of great chicken jerky Finn loves. He gets one right before bed every night and I swear he waits for it all day.


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