The Doldrums

Sometimes time and momentum slow down a little too much. The erstwhile stormy equatorial region decelerates into stagnant latency. Maybe an albatross shows up and you are reminded of a vague sense of not accomplishing much. But it’s so hot, how can you?

I am making August sound more literarily mysterious and glamorous than it is. A more succinct assessment would be that not a lot is happening because it’s hot outside.

Last week, Eli had a few days off. This week, we are back to work, but not working very hard. I am still trying to figure out if the Ecovet fly spray is working well enough to keep using (Eli is still getting bites). I am scheduling a “team meeting” for Eli on Thursday to resolve an older issue that a new-ish team member is rightfully concerned about (more details to come after the “meeting”). I am riding him in the mornings on the weekend and the evenings during the week to avoid the hottest weather. I am giving him this evening off from work, so he can get a good grooming and grazing session and we can relax. So, we are doing things, just not very exciting things. September should pick up for us and will hopefully coincide with less hot weather.

Don’t civilized nations take off the whole of August? Why don’t we do that here?

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  1. i gots the doldrums i gots them too. UGH August. I hate August. I love that Eli has a team 🙂 And Fall is coming (Wait arent you where it is really hot? Like Texas). Oh poor you. 🙂 sounds like a plan for you to just take it easy. And bless Eli’s special snowflake sake re the flies. They are horrible on thin skinned horses!!


    1. Oh man, he was nearing insane last night over the flies, I really feel for him. But I also would appreciate him not slamming his poll into my chin (because ITCHY) while I am just trying to brush him, lol. And yeah, it’s like 157 degrees F here or something like that.

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  2. I still feel like I should be buying school supplies and frantically finishing my assigned summer reading…
    Kids here in Indy went back to school the end of JULY. Insanity.


  3. We get the February Doldrums- the weather is frightful and spring is a long way away. It’s work to do anything and you have to monitor the weather reports all the time. August here is beautiful and full of maximizing outside time. But I get the feeling.


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