What’s the First Thing You’d Fix?

Anyone that rides, stopping short of, say, McLain Ward, rides with faults. I have piano hands and what I guess must be a mortal fear of holding my outside rein, too much of a lean with my upper body, and a tendency to duck and/or twist in the air over fences. (Just to name a few.) My intention, with every ride, is to work on fixing all of these things. I think the upper body lean will be the last to go because I learned it as a defensive way to ride young, green, or opinionated horses and it’s a bit of a security blanket. The thing I feel most strongly about is the ducking and twisting over fences. That habit has a direct and undesirable affect on my horse, so if I could fix anything magically, that would be it.

Seriously, self, wtf?

If there is something you could change right away about your riding, what would it be?

31 thoughts on “What’s the First Thing You’d Fix?

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  1. Oh my god SO MUCH. Like, most things. But if I had to pick just one, I’d probably pick my toes. For whatever reason, they point straight out over fences and it is completely awful. I have no idea why I do this. It’s why I wear super mild rubber spurs and put them really low and ride a super chill horse- because I accidentally goose him. It takes SO MUCH focus for me to try and keep my toes pointing forward.


    1. YES this is me too – I have no dance training, but literally can’t physically point my feet straight (on the ground or mounted). I actually have photos where my toes are PAST 90 degrees. Like, what? How?

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  2. I’m a forward leaner and I try to see spots that I have no idea what I’m looking for. I’ve only jumped with proper instruction for about 3 years so I have a LOT to learn still!


  3. I have an over-active middle – I look like I’m actively belly dancing at the canter and it’s not only awkward looking, but also makes it harder for my pony to hold himself together when I’m not holding myself together!


  4. So many things….
    Same on the upper body–it needs to be fixed but it’s very deeply ingrained at this point.
    Better left hand. Sitting more even in my seat.
    Those are my top contenders.


  5. Aaah, what wouldn’t I fix? The leaning, the ducking, my opening fingers, my swinging left leg, and whatever the hell my right hand is doing because I don’t even know anymore.


  6. My shoulders. They like to hunch. It’s not great to let my shoulders fall forward when I’m trying to get my horse’s shoulders to lift. And also my lower leg. It’s pretty okay most of the time but every once in awhile it goes rogue and ends up way too far back.


  7. Definitely my shoulders. Sometimes I just tense them so tightly that my arms will go numb and I can’t move them for a few days without pain. Other times, I hunch and slouch like a damn monkey, which messes up everything below.


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