Inside Rein

I had another one of those light bulb moments that are a little embarrassing because it is something I already know … but just that, for whatever reason (i.e., stupidity and/or old person brain) I had not yet employed said knowledge in a practical manner.

Eli tends to canter a little crooked, especially going to the right.

I tend to hang on my right rein.

Do you see where this is going?

Let go of inside rein, horse goes straight.

Yeah. I know.

Eli goes straight and finds the middle of the fences if I let him. I just have to remember that allowing him to be correct takes a conscious effort on my part.

That would be no right drift there

10 thoughts on “Inside Rein

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  1. I saw the title to this and was like UGH INSIDE REIN MY NEMESIS, so that should sum up all my feelings here. I feel ya.


  2. Hah, I had a moment like this yesterday. My horse has been falling in on the corners going right… because I’m dropping my right shoulder. Pick it up and VOILA horse canters corners like normal.


  3. I’ve been picking up all these bad habits since I started doing more “traditional” flatwork and jumping… like crossing my rein over B’s neck? When did that start hahaha.


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