Tall Boot Comparison

Now that I am in a bit of a tall boot bind and down to one pair again, a pair I would prefer to keep nice for shows, I started thinking about my experience with a number of boot brands over the years.

The most telling aspect? Two of the three pairs of boots I have purchased more recently, from reputable brands, sucked. That’s just sad, but at least I know to rule them out during my search for a second pair. I also know now what brands I can count on, too.

Looks to me like I should stick with EGO 7s and DeNiros. Tucci does EGO 7s, so I can no doubt count on Tuccis, too.

Pros: Gorgeous color, wide footbed
Cons: Ugly zipper, fell apart after one year, never could zip them up all the way

Pros: Excellent leather quality, durability, square toe, water resistant
Cons: After 4 years, they need full zipper replacement and have dropped a little too much. Not bad! The leather is still in great condition.

Pros: I didn’t buy them (“free” is always a nice benefit), durable (still in my closet)
Cons: They don’t seem to exist anymore

EGO 7s
Pros: Styling, price, quality, elastic zipper guards, heel guards, elastic panel that is not too stretchy, comfortable footbed, grippy soles
Cons: Haven’t found any yet. I’d buy these again at US retail at this point.

Pros: Comfortable right away, elastic zipper guard, squishy footbed
Cons: Looked 5 years old after 2 months, calf stretched too much, color wore off, and squishy footbed–while they were comfortable, they some how managed to create pressure on the balls of my feet while in the irons, which caused my feet to go numb rather quickly. I just need hard soles, I guess.

Pros: Made to measure, simple and elegant for the time, durable (still in my closet)
Cons: Bitch to break in, no zippers or gussets (which is my fault, not Vogel’s), can’t wear them now because calf no longer fits (also my fault, lol)

After comparing all of these brands, quality and durability are worth the price, and in the long run would save me money. I don’t want tall boots that only last a year.  I plan on getting the zippers replaced on the DeNiros soon. They’d definitely suffice as a schooling pair!

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    1. They would be! I think full-zip replacement on the DeNiros is worthwhile, too, and they still fit my calf, lol. When I say they “dropped too much” it’s like an extra centimeter lower than where I would like it to be, so it doesn’t look bad, just not showable.


  1. How long do your tall boots tend to last for you to say they fuction well? I feel like I wear out the Mountain Horse boots I wear pretty quickly (2ish years of use?) and they drop a ton, so I want to consider these things when making my next purchase.


    1. It really depends on how much I spend and how often I wear them. I think boots today are not as durable as they were 20 years ago, so my expectations along those lines are somewhat lower than they used to be. Like, my Vogels will never, ever die.

      If I am spending ~$300+, my hope is to get 2-3 years out of them with daily wear. I am not in them all day riding horse after horse or anything like that so I don’t think it’s too much to ask. It was disappointing to get only a year out of the Ariats, especially when I cleaned them and conditioned them regularly. If I am spending ~$700+, I want like 4-5 years, maybe more, with daily wear. I don’t expect tall boots to last forever because the abuse they take, but to last a year or less is unacceptable for what I am willing to spend.

      I also realize now that WHERE tall boots are made is not insignificant. I am unlikely to ever buy Ariats again because of this–they were made in China. The Parlantis were made in Italy so it was a surprise when the leather turned out to be crap. I will say the stitching was very good, though. And when I handled the Parlanti Miamis when I was returning the others to Dover, the leather quality on the Miamis was much higher.


  2. Great exercise — I’m still in the process of deciding how I feel about my Ego 7’s, although right now it’s not looking good. I *think* the stretch material that goes up the back is ripping away from the leather after minimal use for less than 6 months. Le sigh.

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  3. My vogels are still kicking in better shape than my newer Ariats… and I got them on consignment. Someone in Atlanta had identical feet/ankles/calves as I did! Too bad they don’t fit anymore now!

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  4. I love a good table! I’ve had my brown Ariats in full use for over a year now and they still look and feel great. Price point does factor in, I got the Contour square toe which is a bit more than the Heritages. But if mine only lasted a year I wouldn’t be ok with that either.

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  5. I needed this! I’ve been just wearing half chaps and paddock boots because I can’t bear the thought of putting my feet in my tall boots (some no-name brand), but it’s time to look at getting big girl boots again. I was looking at Parlantis (online) but apparently you’re not the only one with the weird color issue. The EGO7s are super pretty.


  6. Dude those Parlanti’s turned into a hot mess. Also, I totally thought it must be my fat calves that my zippers won’t go up on my ariats, but I have a wide calf that does the same. Super annoying. But I must kill them before I move on to a new pair.


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