Short Break

Eli’s 3 days off were well-spent playing in turnout and getting groomed. I hacked another horse on Friday, a flea-bitten gray whose mannerisms remind me of Eli quite a bit. Other than the heat, I enjoyed the ride. I didn’t ride on Saturday or Sunday, but still spent some time with Eli grooming and grazing him.

No idea how he managed this.

On Sunday morning, I thought I’d try putting him in one of the larger paddocks that has some shade, one he hadn’t been in before. I stayed with him, and after he roamed around inspecting everything, he decided to run and play a little bit, sometimes taking dead aim at me only to turn from a few strides away. I think he wanted me to run around with him? He certainly looked fantastic in all three gaits.

The heat had already settled in by this time, so I hosed him off and let him dry in front of some big fans. He is back to work today, and I am very interested to see if I will notice a difference especially in his canter. A new course got set over the weekend in the large arena and I am hoping to get in some jumping this week!

delicious brown grass

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    1. Yep, hocks. They finally caught up to him, I think. But he’s 14 and off the track so it was inevitable. He gets his stifles done, too, and I didn’t want to do all of it at once. Or rather, my bank account didn’t want to, lol


      1. lol totally get that about the bank account! Rio is due to his hocks but… bank account says no way so we are trying another loading dose month of Pentosan to see what that does for now! First time from hocks on a 14 year OTTB sounds pretty dang good to me!

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        1. Honestly I praaaaaahbably should have had them injected a little earlier, but the stifle injections always seemed to resolve the weakness I could feel while riding. I have heard good things about Pentosan. I hope it works for Rio!


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