Summer Riding Attire: 2017 Edition

Riding in the summer in Texas … not gonna lie, I sometimes skip riding in August altogether. Otherwise, Texans are the experts in hot-weather riding. Most often during the summer, I ride in the Kastel Denmark or EIS sun shirts and have found the Romfh Sarafina breeches to be THE BEST for summer riding in Texas. However, options abound and there are a few things I’ve got my eye on for withstanding the more mellow heat of the evenings (because everything melts in the middle of the day here).

Fior da Liso makes some of the nicest shirts available, anywhere. The ones I have (that I bought on super duper ebay overseas sale–these shirts are too expensive to pay retail), I wear to work. And some of the prints on the S/S 2017 collection are too cute for words, like the Paula shirt.

But what to wear to show for the summer? I won’t be showing this summer because I would die of heat exhaustion, but the Horseware Sara long-sleeve show shirt has a nice lace detail in the back that might provide a little extra air circulation.

Admittedly, I have no idea what kind of sports bra to wear with it! A nude one, I guess? Does anybody have this shirt?

Now, you can never have too many tee-shirts that say stuff on them. I found a few from EQUO that sum up my feelings exactly. Both are cover-ups that you can wear over a show shirt, and they can be taken off while wearing a helmet because of the extra-wide neck line. I love targeted design considerations like that.

There is nothing more accurate.

And while we are browsing the EQUO website, may I point out their schooling breeches? These look like yoga pants, but with sticky knees … unfortunately the price tag puts them well out of my comfort zone for buying just for schooling. I will merely admire them from afar.

But we all know by now how much I love the Romfh Sarafina breeches — thanks again to Carey! So when the Gabriella breeches came out, I knew I’d need them. Yes, need.

I got them in White Sand, so I can show in them, too, just in case, ya know?

They are low-rise, and have sticky knees, both pluses in my book. Can’t wait to see these in more colors!

So, as you can see in the above picture, I like cute socks. While browsing “funky socks” online, and narrowing it a bit to equestrian vendors, I ran across Inkstable socks. Corgi Inkstable socks, to be clear.

Um. I know some people that might need these. Any chance there will be a dachshund version?

Just one more accessory to go, people, and a bonus item that I really normally would never write about …

The accessory? A belt.

Ruespari belts look like the summer must-have equestrian belt from where I’m standing. They seem a bit pricey for being elastic, but that’s not unheard of in the equestrian world. The equestrian-style closures are really cute, though, so I couldn’t overlook these. I would happily accept one as a gift. *hint* (Actually, no, don’t spend like that. Very irresponsible. Said the horse owner.)

Okay. If you have made it this far, I have one last item to recommend for summer riding, and that item is underwear. Not something I feel very strongly about, except for this particular pair …

These Ex-Officio Sport Mesh briefs are pretty much my go-to for riding when it’s hot and humid out. Zero chafing. Quick-drying. Lightweight, and comfortable. More than I would normally pay for one pair of underwear, but I don’t regret having a couple pairs tucked away in a drawer for when I need them. These are worth the investment.

I shamelessly took pictures from vendors for this post. Happy shopping, right?!



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  1. Yes! I have the short sleeve version of the horseware shirt. I had no idea they made a longsleeve version but I need it. Anyway, I have found that as long as your nude sports bra does not criss cross you can only really see it right on the edge of the lace. And, thanks to the lace pattern, you really have to look to see it.


    1. Haha, I don’t blame you. This is what the Ex-Officio website says about seams on them: “Flatlock seams and smooth fabric waistband prevent chafing.” Personally, I don’t notice the seams at all. BUT if I wear these under Trophy Hunters, there’s a panty line. Not as noticeable under the Romfh Sarafinas, though. I am kind of defiant about panty lines. Like, yes, I am wearing underwear under my breeches. Deal.


      1. Yeah, he gets his on Amazon and stalks them regularly. Sometimes certain colors get marked down and then he buys them. I generally splurge on a pair for his bday/Christmas haha. Cause is anything more wonderful than comfy undies?


      1. I saw some other dog socks and asked about dachshunds the first time I stopped at their booth, but they didn’t have them yet (they were being delivered the next day or something). So I made a special trip back to grab them 😂

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  2. I’ve been looking at the Serafinas for so long but I have trouble justifying new breeches when I have some that work just fine….but you inspired me to go look again as lots of July 4th sales are going on. I found some for 50% off from Horseloverz and bought them. Boom. (And also finally bought some Ovation Aqua-X ones for 50% off. Yay!)


  3. I really want to try the Gabriella’s but ugh those color options are horrible. I love my Sarafina’s but the rise is a bit high. I do want to try to aqua-x as well just hard to convince myself they would be long enough.
    I *may* be working on a project involving making my own version of a certain belt you mentioned…I think it is going to be very cool and obviously way cheaper. If it does work I think I may have to open up shop!
    I really need to find some better riding underwear! I have one pair from Lululemon that I love but omg the price is insane. I will admit I don’t do panty lines though but it appears they have a thong version. Lots of TMI going on in this comment, lol.


    1. I am hoping the Gabriellas have more color options in the fall. Like charcoal, navy, and this sort of coffee color that is supposed to be a F/W17 color, at least on the Sarafinas it should be.
      Ha! Amanda pointed out yesterday that such belts could be made fairly easily and the materials are not exactly high-cost. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!
      Yeah, the Ex-Officio come in all kinds of shapes. About the same in price as the lululemon, though, I think :/ Worth it, though.


      1. I have just been holding out for the colors but if I get riding more (ie find a horse or the one I was riding comes sound!) I will need more to rotate. I don’t like to wear TS in the humidity of the summer and only have two pairs of sarafinas.
        Yes, I bought all the stuff just need to do the sewing, I think it’s on my list for the long weekend!
        I guess it’s time to go underwear shopping, lol. Sadly might be more fun than horse shopping.

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        1. TS + humidity = the worst.

          I’d say no way, horse shopping is more fun, but it’s really only fun for like a day and then it’s like, omg, why is this taking so long???


          1. Yes, gives me rubs and the fabric doesn’t dry! Blah.

            Yeah fun was short lived when I started looking and there were about 2 horses in my area tall enough and one had a bucking problem and the other was over my budget despite being only 4. Ugh. So now one month into my search I’m finally trying a horse this weekend (cross your fingers it doesn’t go lame or get sold or something because I was supposed to try one last weekend and it fell through).


  4. Gotta say, I love Ruespari belts, but they were too pricey for me. I did find a knock off, but I can’t remember the name of the company. I also might invest in some Sarafinas because my knee patch breeches aren’t going to stand up to all the Dressage.


  5. I tired on the horseware show shirt. I had to go up a size and it still fit like a cyclist’s kit. Too tight. I was sad to put it back on the rack. Show shirt cover-ups!?!?!? BRILLIANT!!! I need these. NEED.

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      1. Yeah I don’t like the spandex shirts. I tried on the noble outfitters allison shirt that was similar material but without the lace. That one fit much better, I’m just looking for a deal now

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Good to know! I’ll check out one. Honestly, I like the Talent Yarn or Le Fash fit the best, but definitely have to find those super discounted before buying.


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