One word I have been thinking about a lot lately, in the context of riding, is “simple.” I can hear the word in my head now, a check on my fussier inclinations when it comes to nagging with my leg, or snatching with my hand, getting distracted by my eye, or shifting my weight around in the saddle. I hear “simple” and it’s a good reminder to exhale, soften, support, follow. I don’t know that it’s a word applicable to every discipline, but it definitely applies to me and Eli and trying our hand in the hunter ring.

Maybe one day instead of just hearing it about my riding, I will be able to say it about Eli’s way of going. He is gradually getting there, and his responsiveness to our switch to hunters makes me think we will get there pretty soon.  Do you have any profound words that constantly echo, reverberate, or resonate in your head about your riding?

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  1. Mine is “relax” but in more of an “allow” sort of way. Stop riding so hard pushing him forward and holding on his face. Relax a minute and see that he’ll do it on his own.


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