Lavigne Photography

First I want to say a huge thank you to team KBF and everyone who took pictures and video of Eli–thank you, all!

There is not much lead in to the show quite frankly — work had been keeping me long hours, but fortunately the nice folks who make our laws gavelled out on Memorial Day and I got to take ALL FRIDAY off. The risk of rain remained imminent throughout the weekend, but miraculously stayed away from the horse show on June 3rd. My barn trailered over on the 2nd and our group was done schooling by early afternoon. Eli got a bath and tucked in early as other barns were just beginning to arrive. Holy crap, did that timing work out great or what!

The status quo for Eli is still “playing in hunterland” and he really shined at this show, minus some missed leads that were my fault because I got so caught up in the jump I forgot to ask. However, if I asked, Eli listened and while we are still a bit too sassy to be truly competitive in hunter classes, Eli’s jumping efforts were faultless. And we’re kinda pretty.

Lavigne Photography

Honestly, our second hunter round really made me realize that I am making no mistake by following Eli wherever he wants to go. We can do this. Most importantly, riding this horse in hunter classes is fun — I can’t say that about the three other horses I have owned. I could not be happier with Eli’s performance and demeanor throughout the day at the show. He took more than one bad joke from me and never failed to sail over every fence. I look at the pictures from the show and I see such concentration on his face. Eli’s work ethic humbles me.

low hunter II from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Plus, just look at my hunter lean in the pictures … my once-solid jumper leg has inexplicably (ha okay maybe not) slipped back and Eli willingly took every gap I rode to (I closed my eyes along with my leg).

So, the hunter ring it is for us. Whichever division, it doesn’t matter (we did the 2’9″-3′ low hunters, for anyone wondering). I am not sure about showing over the summer because of the heat, but we will for sure be in the ring again by September.

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  1. oh man, i’m always just amazed by how Eli’s stride just eats up the ground, even when he looks all compact and bouncy in his canter. such a cool guy – you look like you’re having a blast!

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    1. It was so much fun! His stride can definitely make up for getting into a line from a short distance — no need to add up to the second fence in the lines.


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