Hit a Snag

There has been off-and-on rain since Saturday, so Eli has mostly been hand-walking around the barn and grazing a bit, maybe getting just a little round pen time since then. I finally got a chance to ride him yesterday evening in the fields, mostly at a walk, but with a little trotting.

And he’s lame.

He is sound on a straight line. He is sound on a circle to the right. He is dead lame up front on a circle to the left (I know this can be caused any number of things–I’ve got a running list of over a dozen possibilities, I’m sure). So last night I reached for the Magic Cushion and gave him a gram of bute. If he is still as lame tonight, I’ll have the vet out. No point in guessing!

On a personal note, “no point in guessing” might be the philosophy of the day, as I will hopefully be seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist very soon. “Yay” or “yikes”?

I hate waiting!

(Maybe this is just another one of Eli’s pre-show incidents that he seems to like to get? Except he’s actually lame … )

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