Black Backgrounds and Grey Tall Boots

Eli has adjusted to the presence of our new neighbors roaming around in the field of the adjacent property. Took him about two days to “get it” that the neighboring horses do not eat other horses.

When I arrived at the barn Tuesday evening, I was not expecting to ride because of the damp weather. However, the newly-leveled arena had great footing for the most part–a few slick spots that I could easily avoid but otherwise I had a very pleasant ride just before sunset and Eli focused on work rather than stuff outside the ring and apparently he saw no invisible lions in the dimming light.

I got to try out my new tall boots … I have made many immediate conclusions, but I will hold off on posting about them until I have ridden in them a number of times. The short version is I am pleasantly surprised. I got these boots primarily for schooling and I am not sure how long they will last, but if they go more than a year, then they’ll’ve beat the Ariats and I paid about the same price.

I also begged a talented young rider who has a good eye for photography and editing to give one of my snapshots of Eli the black background treatment, and I love it! I really like the contrast and how white Eli’s snip looks. Thank you, Rowan!

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