Weenie Wednesday: Happy Birthday 

I don’t know Conrad’s birthday, so I decided to stick him in the middle of two other family birthdays. Maybe he’s 7 or 8?

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  1. Happy Birthday, Conrad! Does Conrad like other dogs? Just curious, as I think I’m finally making a trip to Austin at the end of July. Travel arrangements are still up in the air, but if I drive, I’m going to bring Tank with me. So if Conrad likes friends, I’d love for Tank to meet him and to get to meet you as well. 🙂

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    1. Conrad mostly likes other dogs–he can be a bit bossy but he LOVES to run around at least for a little while with other small dogs. That sounds like fun, maybe a dog park meet up 🙂 if you do drive — which if you do, prepare for stupid drivers and lots of traffic :/


      1. Sounds good. I will keep in touch. I’ve never been further into Texas that Dallas and I’ve never driven there. So I’m in for a real treat. My sister lives in Kyle, so with any luck I can drive there and she can do the rest of the driving. 🙂

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