Benchmarks in Eli’s Career

Eli truly is a changed … uh … gelding … and honestly I can’t get over a few of these fairly significant benchmarks that demonstrate he is less basilisk lately and much more horsey. Which is to say adorable and almost easy on the ground. (Or completely easy on the ground if you think his snapping turtle impression is funny.)

He has pretty much turned into a pet in the barn. People who control food and cookies and turnout are in the barn. So the barn is a good, safe place filled with carrot dispensers. And that one favorite cookie lady ever … the one that gives massages!

He is also genuinely rideable now. Does he still spook at the UPS truck driving along the driveway when were just going for a leisurely walk in the wildflowers? Yes. However. 

A junior has ridden him a few times now on days I can’t but I still want him exercised. (THANK YOU, OLIVIA!) Even better, my trainer rode him last Friday and declared him “comfortable.” That’s downright normal, y’all. (And yet no one recorded visual evidence for me. Boo.) And kind of a big deal because until recently, I had been the only rider he’s known since I bought him in May 2014. And even before that, I rode him the majority of the time he had been at the barn. 

I am so excited about this horse. I’ve peeled through a lot of layers of this little monster and it turns out he is a really cool horse that I can share with people now! 

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  1. That’s so awesome! I’m just getting to the point where I want other people to get on my boy and tell me what they think. It’s so cool when you can say you created this training and made a fun pony. Congrats and enjoy!

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