Easter Weekend Rides

I really bested my record for how completely out of it I was while trying to ride on Saturday. And also how easily I got frustrated over the stupidest crap I usually ignore. I have no interest in reliving the details, except, thankfully, my trainer gave me an exercise to work on with Eli.

I was able to work at it again on Sunday, which is good because today calls for rain. I have no media of either Saturday or Sunday, because Saturday I just plain forgot, and on Sunday I remembered my camera but neglected to check whether it was charged. It was not.

Eli went really well on Sunday, excepting about a 15 minute intermission where he completely lost his mind over another horse working in the fields. This is usually not such a problem, so I just made him stand and watch the other horse (being completely well-behaved, of course) until Eli decided it was actually boring and he no longer cared. We went back to work and worked on the exercise my trainer gave us and you’d never know that he had to get over himself just minutes before.
Eli got a shampoo bath, too. I think he is pretty much shed out at this point and I’ll clean up his fetlocks with clippers this week. Not that he gets much extra feathering in winter or anything, but I do like to keep them trimmed.

I have also noticed, at least on the flat, a spur might not be a bad idea–summer Eli has started making more frequent appearances!

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  1. LOL I swear we are on the same wavelength. I also had a frustrating session Saturday over basically nothing and need to not focus so hard on everything being perfect. I am jealous Eli is all shedded out- Rio hasn’t even started for some reason so now I’m forced into getting him body clipped this week- aka $$$, aka annoying LOL!


    1. Omg that was totally it — things weren’t EXACTLY what I wanted even though Eli was being fine. I needed to get a grip!

      I do enjoy not shelling out for body clipping. And also not having to do it myself, the job is hairy and itchy!

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