I had a bad case of the amateurs on Saturday. Everything rubbed me the wrong way — the wind, the bright sunlight, plenty of things all beyond my control. Things that I usually just accept and move on, because getting upset about things I can’t control is a waste of energy. But I simply did not have the capacity of acceptance on Saturday.

swedish from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Eli, for his part, although clearly tense about the wind (it was really, really windy), remained professional and took the few fences we jumped quite well. But I really just wanted some shade, some champagne, and to let Eli graze for a while. My endlessly patient and understanding trainer let me off the hook and I spent a little extra time cleaning tack while Eli dried in front of the fans. Cue world’s tiniest violin.

box jump from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Sunday was a whole different story. The weather did me a few favors, too. Eli felt great under saddle and fully accepted a different bit I had wanted to try on him that we might show in (just a bit with a hint of extra breaking power). I am still not sure about being able to show in May, but am counting on showing in June. What a difference a day (and some clouds) makes!

16 thoughts on “Amateuritis

  1. I felt that way on Friday. I was soooo tired from work and had to do a bunch of errands on the way to the barn that left me with a bit more than an hour to ride or lunge before getting to another engagement, so I just… didn’t even try. Wasn’t worth it, but I definitely felt a bit of a sissy for it.

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