Short and Sweet

Eli spent the weekend giving off hunter vibes again, and we had a great lesson on Saturday. No video, but I am pretty sure I have mostly internalized the “soft” ride he prefers. I just have to remember to do it all the time. 

I thought I might try trimming his tufty ears with safety scissors …

He isn’t a fan of having clippers in his ears. Turns out he doesn’t appreciate scissors for kindergarteners near his ears, either.

It was a neat idea that didn’t translate well for us, although I did manage to get much of the tuftiness gone. Just not all of it. 

I got a little video from Sunday, although the screenshots are more fun because video of flatwork is boring. I think warm weather helps a lot to keep Eli in a good mood–I am glad the first day of spring has arrived.

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  1. You may have already tried this, but have you experimented with using earplugs when clipping/trimming with scissors? It can help cut down on the noise as well as keep tickly little hairs out of his ears. Might be worth a shot…though I’ve also had horses that hate the earplugs worse than the clippers haha.

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    1. Eli falls into the “hate ear poms” category– tried a few kinds and he shook his head violently until they flew out every time :/ at least with the safety scissors I can work with him every day a little at a time

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  2. Irish will not let me trim his right ear – he cannot tolerate it. He fusses about his left but freaks out over his right. I ended up having to twitch him. Took 5 seconds.

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  3. I wish I could internalize Annie’s ride… aka being a better rider than I am 😂

    Luna doesn’t like scissors near the ears either. No bridlepath for baby horse yet!


  4. Oh fluffy ears are the worst. Not the actual worst – but once you’ve had well groomed and clipped ears you’ll forever be at war with the fluffies. As for Eli’s aversion to ear treatments, may the odds be ever in your favour!

    Also happy first day of Spring!

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  5. It looks like you’ve already got some other suggestions too, but Val is kind of a nightmare about his ears/poll area (just generally a little head shy up there) and I’ve found that the magic trick is to not actually ever touch his ear with my hand. As long as it’s just the clippers touching him, he’s ok. I don’t know if he has ear twitch PTSD or what, but I can clean them out entirely, where before when I held the ear with my other hand he would literally fling me around the cross ties.

    Glad to hear y’all are really finding a groove though!

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    1. Eli is actually totally okay with me handling his ears. Hands, towels, clippers themselves while running … it think it’s really the sensation/sound combo of the blades right on his ears. Which he doesn’t mind at his bridlepath, on his muzzle or his legs … drugs might be my only option at this point lol


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