Saturday: Not Quite a Washout

I found out Friday that the horse show would be postponed to the rain date because of, well, rain. I found out a little later on Friday that my barn would still have a “practice” show on Saturday, hopefully before the rain hit.

I got out to the barn Saturday earlier than usual, but the rain had already started in. The footing held up okay at first, although I had no qualms about bowing out of the 3′ jumper practice rounds because it rained pretty hard during those.

Around 10:30, the rain stopped and it looked like a pretty good break in the radar would offer me respite long enough to ride Eli around and jump a few jumps. I jumped singles off both leads and rode a few rollbacks. Eli seemed practically bored, and with his fly mask on, again he jumped around quietly and responsively, no head flipping or any other behavior to indicate tension or discomfort. Have I finally ironed out all of his kinks? Who knows.

What is that brain of yours doing, buddy?

Eli gets vaccinations today, and since it rained the rest of the day on Saturday, I wouldn’t be able to ride anyway. I was hoping to ride at least Wednesday and Thursday this week, but the forecast looks bad, plus my job requires me to stay late every day this week, like 7pm or later. Hopefully after this week, work will calm down and I can get back to riding regularly.

5 thoughts on “Saturday: Not Quite a Washout

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  1. Ick, sorry you have to work late all week.
    I think I am FINALLY looking at a regular week of riding. It did rain Sunday, just a bit, just for good measure.


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