Show Prep Under Time Constraints

Vehicle as Tack Trunk

Not everyone can take a day or two off before a show to prepare. This is my current situation. Work is nothing short of crazy right now, and add to that Eli’s behavior under saddle last Saturday and I am slightly brain-fried. Eli’s vet didn’t have any suggestions — Eli’s teeth looked fine and, primarily because the pattern of behavior is somewhat random and the behavior itself so infrequent, throwing a bunch of stuff at him to see what sticks would not necessarily be helpful. This was emphasized throughout the week and especially on Thursday — a brightly sunny, brisk, and windy day — when Eli once again gave me his best hunter impression by nailing every distance and getting every lead, with not a foot out of place and no irritable behavior like head tossing. The one thing that was different? I rode him in his fly mask Thursday.

Sooooo, same type of weather as last Saturday, totally different horse with the fly mask on. I’ll go back to using the fly mask while riding more regularly, and also try the nose net that should be here today. Doing more before determining whether those things help enough might just end up counterproductive, as I wouldn’t know what’s working and what’s unnecessary.

That’s all just to say, we will be at the show Saturday! I am taking today one step at a time, and will hopefully make it out to ride Eli around the venue this evening. Provided I can find the arena light switches if I am the only one there. I haven’t been able to bathe Eli because of how chilly it’s been, but maybe a really thorough grooming will suffice? I got Eli the “Beauty” set of Leistner brushes from Teddy’s Tack Trunk and he LOVES the face brush especially. This week has not been the kind of show preparation I am accustomed to, but I think I’ve got all my ducks in a row … just not a very straight one. At least I am pretty sure what my show outfit will be! There is a chance of rain on Saturday, so sadly white breeches are out.

Update: Shortly after I posted today, I found out the show has been rescheduled because of weather. So I get to do all of this again later this month. Hopefully in better weather!

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  1. ooooh good luck at the show tomorrow!! that’s promising news that the fly mask made such a big difference. i’ve seen a lot of horses do really well with nose nets too. fingers crossed!! it’s too chilly here for us to do much in the way of grooming either… and let’s not even talk about my horse’s unkempt mane… but maybe that’s what early season schooling outing are all about?

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  2. Boo, sorry it got pushed back. Every show in the local series has been cancelled so far this year down here. Like 8 shows or something. I hope it goes well next weekend and you have more time to get him all spiffied up…meanwhile, Cosmo looks like a yak since I haven’t had a warm, dry weekend to bather or clip in months – planned a spa day for this Sunday, and NOW they are calling for rain again.

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    1. Ugh, man. You guys cannot catch a break with all the rain y’all have had. I actually don’t mind the reschedule, so now I might be able to bathe my horse & fix his mane, lol

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  3. Sometimes you get to thoroughly prepare for horse shows, and sometimes it’s an exercise in prioritizing and rolling with the punches! Such is the life of a working adult amateur

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