Central Texas saw some storm damage over Sunday night into Monday morning. I left work early on Monday to pick up Conrad from the vet, and went to the barn as soon as possible. I had not heard anything, so my assumption was my horse was safe.

At the barn, I saw that one of the roofing panels had come off and I saw my trainer in the office, sorting through some ribbons for an upcoming show. We talked about phones going off in the middle of the night and thunder and how powerless you feel when you know the weather is bad but not sure how bad. What are you going to do? Rush out to the barn at midnight and stand in the way of the wind?


My barn did have some damage, yes, but the big picture is the damage was minimal and all horses were safe and unharmed, if a bit edgy after that kind of experience. I am sure it must have been loud, to hear part of the roof coming up. The roof didn’t fly off entirely, just bent up and by the time I got there the twisted panel had been removed and most other repairs necessary accomplished.

Other barns in the area also sustained damage, but thankfully I have heard no reports of injured horses.

Just hug your ponies close.

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    1. Tornadoes are terrifying. We are kind of on the edge of where they happen, but they seem to be happening in areas where they haven’t before; it is so disconcerting.


  1. Glad everyone is ok! Interestingly enough, we had some insane wind come through our neck of the woods last week. Because our gutters got demolished from all the snow, some edges of our metal roof were exposed on our house and two panels got twisted and ripped up. Luckily there are still shingles under it!


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