Catching Up


More often than not I have a lesson on Saturdays, but Eli had not been ridden all week because of an inclement weather and work double whammy. Trying to jump him with that much extra energy may not be the best idea … but he flatted well so my trainer and I decided to pop him over a trot jump to see what we had. The first time he dragged a front hoof over it, the second time he picked his feet up but played a bit strong on the backside. He just didn’t have the focus I’d want to jump more. Not surprising after so many days off work.

I look like a cronut.

Again on Sunday he flatted well, so I thought I had better try him over fences again–reasoning is that the weather is unpredictable (and did indeed storm quite ferociously over night) and I want at least some practice and a fitness level in Eli so that the March show is not overwhelming. The fences were  very low and he rode really, really well–definitely paying attention this time. I still didn’t do too much and think a grid might be the next step for our next Saturday lesson.

why would I see the gap at a 2′ fence? from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Okay, the sass on the backside here was totally my fault. That’s what happens when my brain goes “GAP” in front of a 2′ vertical. Eli moved up to it just fine, but then landing quiet … not so much. Sorry, buddy.

sass from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Y’all … y’all … Y’ALL. Did you see the lead change? (Omg, who am I? I never got excited about changes. I took them for granted on other horses. Never again.)

Conrad has a dentist appointment today so I’ll be distracted all morning–yup, I have to work on what is normally a state holiday. Hustle don’t stop.

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    1. Eli is perfectly happy to take the gap, he just gets mad when I try to check him on the backside. Which makes sense … he wants me to make up my mind which I am not the best at haha


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