Grooming Progression

Due to weather, we’ve had limited turnout and sporadic chances to ride this past week. “Limited turnout” and “Eli” don’t go together well, but I do what I can to get him exercised for the day. On Saturday, he went in the round pen both before and after I rode him in the fields, and he rolled in the sandy mud both times. So I went through a fairly thorough grooming session twice on Saturday.


After he went out in the round pen the second time, he came in covered in sand. Even though he hates being brushed, he tolerates the shedding blade.


I scraped all over his body with the shedding blade, but obviously not his legs or face.


I rinsed his legs after scraping most of the sandy mud from his feet. He also enjoys a good curry with a soft rubber curry and looked completely passable after that.


But I am not going for passable, I am going for gleamy. I took the Leistner Satchmo brush, the stiffest short-bristled brush Eli will let me use (it’s not stiff at all, really) and started going over his coat, lifting up more sandy dust out of it and his coat started looking much better.


By this time, Eli had no qualms about grinding his teeth, pinning his ears, and nipping because a second long grooming session in one day is not in his contract. Or something. But I took little notice and continued buffing his coat with a soft brush.


This left Eli much cleaner then when we started, but he really needs a bath to get truly clean at this point. I have been neglecting his mane and tail, too, but we have some warm weather this week where I may be able to shampoo and condition both mane and tail.

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  1. I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR SUPER CLEAN BROWN HORSE. Let me know if you want to come spend a few hours getting my muddy grey horse to a similar level of clean. I’ll pay you in cider and chocolate… 😀


  2. You are dedicated! There’s a certain level of filthiness when I decide I won’t be doing any grooming haha I hope the weather improves so he can get some more turn out time!


  3. Ha this has been my routine with Charlie basically daily. Usually his body stays clean enough, tho he’s been able to go out naked a couple times lately. It’s still far too cold to think about baths…. But I’ve done his tail a couple times. Poor ponies. They must think we’re crazy to keep on with the brushing!!


    1. Oh for sure, it is not warm enough for baths yet. We get the occasional warm day, but I work late so it’s usually too chilly by the time I get to the barn.


  4. Last week the horses FINALLY got to go out in the mud, and every. single. one. came in caked head to toe. Thankfully it was 60 degrees so I was able to rinse everyone off with hot water, because I was NOT looking forward to grooming 4 mud monsters, haha


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