Saying “Yes.”

Saying “Yes” to everything horse-related, and “No” to everything else . . .

“Do you want to go to the local h/j circuit year-end awards banquet?”
(What do I wear?)

“May I nominate you for secretary of the local h/j circuit organization?”
(Does it involve math?)

“Do you want to ride in a clinic with a trainer from Louisiana that you’ve known for a while?”
(Um, YES.)

“Can you be an IEA warm-up rider?”


Outside of my desk job, no one even asks me to do anything non-horsey any more, and it’s pretty much the way I want it. If it has to do with horses and I’m not working (gotta pay for the pony!), I will most likely agree to do it if I can fit it in my schedule.

Saying “yes” can be both fun and exhausting, while saying “no” holds a power all its own. I say “no” to things just so I can say “yes” to the horse-related stuff. I skip taking vacations, I don’t go to many concerts anymore, I avoid movie theaters and bars. Romantic entanglements? Forget it. I know what I’m missing out on, and I’m not shedding any tears over any of it.

I do not mind at all feeling overwhelmingly tired at the end of every day knowing that I got to see my horse and am usually quite happy with that; this is on my terms. I want my weekends filled with horses (and maybe a little football, but not now dammit). I don’t want balance, or whatever it’s called. I want to play with ponies (of all sizes). I work to pay for the ponies and cover my health insurance. If the health insurance weren’t so important, I am not sure what kind of full-time job I’d have–maybe even a horsey one?


Even if I didn’t own a horse, I would figure out a way to ride as often as possible. I don’t do it for the competition or with set goals in mind any more. I don’t do it to test my limits any more. I do it because it’s my favorite thing to do and no matter how the ride goes, the ultimate end in riding for me is happiness. There is nothing else like it. Horses and their people are my community. Who’s with me?


25 thoughts on “Saying “Yes.”

  1. I love this. I’ve turned down a LOT of things. As a 17 year old, I don’t have a normal social life. In fact, I’ve had people freak out at me claiming that horses are robbing my life…when in fact, I’ve said yes to them all on my own. I’d rather spend the weekend with my two amazing geldings than with anyone else, doing anything else. I’m not all that interested in balance. This is who I am, take it or leave it!

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  2. πŸ’―
    I’m taking fewer and fewer non-horsey vacations. Looking at you FEI in Omaha. After two wedding trips this year I’m probably done unless they include horses!
    Welcome to the world of board drama!

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  3. Yes….and no.

    July was the first time the Husband and I had been on a real vacation together…for our honeymoon. We had been on like 1-2 trips to the mountains and heading to my parents definitely doesn’t count. It was our first legit vacation. It was nice!

    Other then that? Helllll to the no. Unless it involves amazing food and wine or whiskey I avoid all things like the plague. Between work and driving, I hardly have time for the pony. My second job is even at a tack store. So all the pony things!

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  4. Totally right there with ya. And its tough because sometimes, with the super “I dont get this horse thing” friends, I feel bad turning down something they’ve invited me to again because I have something horse related to do. Not sure why they are still friends with me..


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