In Between the Jumps

2016 ended pretty well for me and Eli. We had two worthwhile o/f lessons (no media, boo), in the second of which Eli didn’t put a foot wrong and I rode pretty well, too. I have some out-of-town plans this Saturday that mean our next o/f lesson won’t be until the following Saturday (hopefully–hard to know once the state legislature is in session!).

To keep horse and human brains occupied, I am hoping to work on the following (screw you, winter):

Trot serpentines

Canter poles

Counter canter

Cavaletti in STRAIGHT lines

More engaged walking at the end of rides

This is not easy stuff to do well, so it will keep us busy for the next week or so, weather-permitting. Super boring videos of last night’s kind of freezing ride follow:

easy 6 from patentlybay on Vimeo.

walking from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Eli’s walk on a loose or long rein is pretty good — I am trying to figure out how to keep more contact without screwing up his walk. He likes to tuck his chin to his chest a bit, but the whole process is slowly getting okay results. I think the answer is “more leg.”

The cube+ is really not the best camera for night but at least I can see rhythm & pace.

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