Saturday Lesson Recapitulation

Friday after work I went out to ride Eli, and for whatever reason, although it wasn’t too cold, the evening got progressively windier and windier. I knew if I wanted to jump Eli Saturday, I had better ride him. We mostly stuck with trotting because the wind gusts practically blowing us over made cantering a bit too unpleasant.

Tried to block the wind in his face a little …

I finally got to jump Eli a little bit on Saturday. Eli, as ever lately, did anything I set him to. Unfortunately, I forgot to put my brain in my head.

The biggest struggle involved trotting in and cantering out of a line in 6 strides. I never did ask Eli back early enough in the line for the add step to work out well. Plus out of bad instinct I kept sitting and adding leg.

i forgot how to ride from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Hard as I tried to confuse my horse, he did his best to interpret my bullshit and jumped regardless.

We jumped a few other things, too, but honestly–why would I keep drilling when my horse is not the problem?

Possibly a metaphor …

Sometimes it is better to end on a note that is off key rather than chase a ride I couldn’t produce that day. I have some extra days off this week, so hopefully I can get back to jumping with a brain in my head this time.

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  1. i definitely know the feeling of quitting on ‘not quite perfect’ bc my horse had it figured out, so i’ll just have to sort my own self out some other time (and stew in my own annoyance at myself lol)

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