Riding Through the Dark but Dressed for the Party

Winter kinda blows. The nights drag on through the endless black tedium of hopelessness and ennui … there ain’t no “hygge” in a central Texas December. It’s too windy. Worse, it’s damp. WORSE, molds.

You can’t really tell what I’m wearing but I know what I’m wearing and I LOVE IT.

So mustering up the motivation to ride on a winter night requires a little bit of mental cheerleading. Or self-bribery. I say things to myself like, “if you canter one more lap in this blasted gale you can make yourself a second Manhattan.”

So when we get a random week of more moderate winter weather (to say nothing of the even more random 100F in February that one year) I like to take advantage and get back to REAL work in the saddle, provided everything else falls into place–my horse has all his shoes and had a great day in turnout, I remembered to pack all my riding clothes AND they are appropriate for the weather, the footing is good, and traffic doesn’t turn my commute into The Grapes of Wrath.

night trot from patentlybay on Vimeo.

I have control over exactly ONE of those above things. Perhaps that is why I find such joy in riding clothes. They brighten my day, and my evening. I reward myself occasionally with a splurge on breeches or a nice belt. My horse is my primary motivating factor, but a cute outfit motivates me, too, especially on dark winter nights.

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  1. Lol… all I care about on a dark winter night is not freezing to death. I don’t care what I look like as long as I’m warm.

    I also wear snow pants when it’s below 50, so you know…

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    1. Bahaha! Yes, I can relate to the snow gear. The weather was all blustery this weekend and even though it was like 65 I had a puffy jacket on top if a puffy vest in top of a sweater. So fashionable in a poofy penguin sort of way.


        1. Oh yes, total wuss here when it comes to weather, but a wet, overcast, windy 65 is not the same as sunny with a light breeze 65 and I’ll just leave it at that haha

          I am sorry your footing freezes solid. That is completely unpleasant 😦


  2. I’m starting to understand wanting to spoil oneself with riding attire the more I read blogs such as yours. More than 75% of the time I am by myself at the barn especially when I ride so you think it wouldn’t matter… But it does to me! You never know when someone driving by pulls up and is like, “Oh! Can I take a picture of you for the town paper?” Likelihood of that happening, slim to none, but there’s always a chance! Plus, I feel like I ride better when I put in the effort and where my Pipers and a nice shirt all tucked in with a belt. Confidence man, confidence.

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  3. “dress for success” is an idiom for a reason!! that shit definitely makes a difference! also tho. i feel ya on the onset of winter blues. tho this will be my first winter where my horse actually *lives* inside the indoor, so it’s basically a one stop (enclosed) shop once i’m get there to ride. it…. does not suck.

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  4. I recently (as in, the last 18 months or so) started to care about what I wore while riding, starting with polo shirts or fitted short sleeves instead of flappy workout tees. And while it seems silly, it really adds to my ride. I’m much less likely to slouch or slump, both because looking good makes me sit up tall AND because you can see the slumping more in a fitted sweater. There are still days when I just throw on whatever to go ride, but I do love putting together outfits now!

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  5. I have been planting the hint to hubby to get power run from the barn to the arena so we can get some lights up…. I have no lights and no covered arena… it’s been loads of fun not riding 😦 lol

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  6. I have recently gotten more into my riding outfits…I think it’s from reading blogs like yours. πŸ™‚ But like others have said, having “good turnout” makes me feel more professional and motivated. I now cringe over not tucking in my shirt with a belt, or not wearing a collared shirt to a lesson!

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  7. I have always felt better when I dress better when it comes to the barn. In the winter I find that a bit more difficult bc layers but I still end up feeling better about the experience when I’m not in an untucked t shirt or looking like a sloth!

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