So What Has Eli Actually Been Doing?

newshoesesRides have been few and far between lately. Eli had both Wednesday and Thursday off last week–Wednesday just a planned day off that coincided with new shoes, and Thursday an unplanned day off because the vet happened to be out and Eli was due for deworming and I don’t ride a horse that has just been dewormed.

Friday, THANKFULLY, I got out of work early enough to miss most of the rain, and managed to ride Eli and trot over a number of cavaletti as rain began to fall, first off and on drizzle, but by the time we finished up it rained more heavily and steadily.

And it basically hasn’t stopped until today.

Good news is, on Friday Eli felt FANTASTIC if a bit exuberant, and then protested the rain some, but he moved quite well in his new shoes, so I’m happy about that.


Eli gets a massage this week. We are pretty much confined to handwalking in the barn because of how wet it is coupled with the fact that it’s dark when I get to the barn now and the field has no lights (Why would it, honestly? But I can dream.).

My Texas winter riding reality pales to my wishes, but Eli still gets daily attention from me no matter what.

In the meantime, a little less barn time means a little more anxious energy, so I am FINALLY making a new whiteboard for the barn’s turnout rotation.

craftprojectI’ve been meaning to do it for YEARS. The current whiteboard looks pretty bad and it’s really, really old.

20 thoughts on “So What Has Eli Actually Been Doing?

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  1. I’m just jealous you guys get to ride outside at all in the months between November and…like, May. I was about to say April but really at that point it’s a horrid combo of slushy snow and mud up here. I guess I shouldn’t complain since indoor arenas are so common here but I swear, by mid-February they seem to have shrunk to half their starting size and everyone is bored to tears. Including the horses.

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    1. I have a metal yardstick that helps, as well as wine and being okay with eye-balling it a little. I hope to finish tonight but ugh I must have had insomnia last time I did it.


  2. Ugh, so done with this rain already. I’m limited to tack walks on the road. In all our high-viz gear because drivers are crazy, even on a cul-de-sac.

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    1. I am way too paranoid and wussy for road hacks any more. Drivers can be awful! At least kbf has a long entry drive I can ride up and down when I have daylight.


  3. Global warming huh! If it inspires a bit of optimism, we had pretty early rain this year in the southern hemisphere but winter in its’ entirety ended up being lovely and mild.

    If it ends up being a crappy winter, grit your teeth and push through it – it’s character building or so they say. I’m yet to take my own advice on that one….

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  4. I have been dealing with a crappy cold the last couple weeks. It’s finally almost better, but it rained on Saturday so it was a muddy mess. I swear some of the ground was frozen by my horses last night, some of it still mud and now it is snowing. Winter riding is a crapshoot for me without an indoor.

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