That New Car Smell

This post is completely unrelated to horses or dogs.

I had yet another service appointment with the 4Runner on Friday. The check engine light had come on again, and I dreaded the result. Another $900 repair estimated, requiring a part that the service center probably couldn’t get until after Thanksgiving, and meanwhile the 4Runner could have possibly become undriveable while I waited on the part.

After a REALLY good run of over a decade and 225,000 miles on the engine, I traded in my beloved 4Runner Limited for a 2017 RAV4 XLE. I traded in the 4Runner as is, with the $900 repair pending and body damage on the passenger driver-side door and running board from years before that I never fixed. The deal I got was more than fair, to be quite honest. However, I had not exactly planned on this whole scenario on Friday, so cleaning out the 4Runner took a little while and I still have to drop the title off at the dealership after work today. Lots of service records and odds and ends made their way into the 4runner, never to be touched again until Friday — I even found a football game ticket from 2005 to the Saints v. Lions game in San Antonio, sadly courtesy of Katrina.

Driving a low-to-the-ground V4 will take some time getting used to, but the new car is cute and most importantly RELIABLE in an under-warranty kind of way. The 4Runner had been reliable for 11 years, but this last year was the end for me.


The new car also has a bunch of features that I don’t really need, but I suppose joining the 21st century of car technology won’t be so bad.


I think right now, I will miss the heated leather seats of the 4Runner the most, but not the MPG.

24 thoughts on “That New Car Smell

  1. You’ll come to realize that the bells and whistles of the new one are things that you wanted but just didn’t realize that you did. Trust me-I know these things. You’ll enjoy the RAV for being easier to park, the MPG, and it really has got a lot of stuff to like about it. Do check on the air bags-there has been a recall on those-make sure you have the newer ones. Congrats on the new ride.

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  2. Congrats on the new wheels, she’s beautiful! Add me to the list of people who loves my heated leather seats. Bummer that you couldn’t get them on your new vehicle, but if that’s your only real complaint, I’d say you’re doing pretty well. 🙂

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    • Weeellllll . . . I am leasing, no after market mods for me. But I haven’t ruled out upgrading before the lease ends, they just didn’t have any models on the lot with the leather heated seats.


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