Check Everything Always

I don’t have much of a riding update. We’ve been drying out down here, and I have mostly ridden in the field, if at all. State legislators could start pre-filing legislation on Monday of this week, and guess who gets to read basically all of it? I worked quite late on Monday night. I am hoping that this evening can be the start of my new routine schedule and also that the large arena has dried out enough for a decent flat work session under the lights.


But I am not without a little wisdom … if your horse wears bell boots 24/7, as I know many horses do, ALWAYS check underneath them every day you set eyes on your horse.


When I ride Eli in the field, he picks up grass seeds with his pasterns, underneath his bell boots. Sometimes, he picks up a LOT of them. And they don’t just brush out easily. For the past week or so, I have spent a good amount of grooming time after our rides getting these grass seeds out of the hair of his pasterns. They really get up in there and I can’t see all of them at the outset, especially on his RF that has the white sock. However, removing them all affords me the same satisfaction as popping bubble wrap, so I do not mind the extra effort at all, and certainly Eli benefits from not having grass seeds potentially irritate his skin under the bell boots. So please, check under the bell boots. Check for injuries, burrs, grass seeds, scratches, all of it.


One last thing–although the time change and my job have taken the majority of my sunset rides away, Sunday evenings are free and this past Sunday’s sunset wowed me. Pictures fall well short of the experience.



14 thoughts on “Check Everything Always

  1. We had one horse at the barn whose owners apparently never checked…I was holding him for the farrier, pulled the bell boots off (velcro, obvs), and found this huge nasty open wound. Very paranoid about checking under them after that.

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