EGO 7 First Impressions

Somebody tipped me off to a really good deal on the Reitsport Schockemöhle online tack shop on EGO 7 Orion field boots. Can you even imagine who would do such a thing.


Obviously the ordering worked out okay. Total investment = $340. That includes shipping from Germany, which was prompt (They even refunded me like $8 because I guess the currency exchange rate dropped between placing my order and shipment–I can’t think of why else.). Fortunately, I ordered prior to Election Nightmare, so the American dollar was quite strong against a flagging Euro.  Thus far, this is still true and remarkably the U.S. dollar remains steady in light of … things …


The boots came with inflatable boot trees and insoles. The leather is soft and supple. Perhaps not quite the quality of the leather of my DeNiros, but nor does the price compare, at least not what I paid. These are definitely leaps and bounds nicer than my current Ariats, which were $289.


The fit seems very true to the size charts (39 S/1+ for me), if a bit on the slimmer side, and very slender through the ankle. All of this is suitable for me and how I want tall boots to fit. If you prefer a less snug fit, perhaps consider sizing up from your expected calf size if you think EGO 7s are in your future. The boots are unisex! A lot of size combinations are available and because I have wide feet, the unisex nature, and European sizing generally, means my foot is not smushed into the foot of the boot.


The boots are of Italian design, from the same maker as Tucci. However, from Italy these boots are not. “Made in Italy” means paying more, so I appreciate that these boots still seem very well made and are priced appropriately for their quality and country of origin. What I paid was a bit of a steal.

The ankle has a pad between you and the zipper, the zipper is robust–I tested it, indeed–and the inside panel is a unique leather-like material that won’t stain or abrade your saddle. The top snap is elasticized and also has a zipper keeper. The bottom snap panel has the unique spur rests. Both snaps are heavy duty and even a bit difficult to unsnap.


Height, check. No issues there. I expect they will drop a half inch or so. I wrestled with the zipper a bit to get them just over the widest part of my calf but I prefer a very snug fit, and with a slightly elasticized panel up the entire back of the boot, I think these will break in nicely and mold to my calves well. I wound up wearing them around my house for a few hours quite comfortably.

backsYou can see the elasticized panel up the back, and the spur rest situation. I actually like that there is a low one about where I wear my spurs on Eli, so that’s handy. The look may not be for everyone, but I don’t find it obtrusive. I can zip them up almost entirely–I think that will take a few rides to get there more easily.

profileThe tops of the boot might keep these out of the hunter/equitation ring for people, but I have no qualms about wearing these in the jumper ring, and for schooling they are just about perfect as far as I know right now. You can see the inside panel is not quite the same as the leather, but it’s really, really close. I am interested to see how it wears over time.

I hope to ride in these boots today! So far I am not really seeing a down side for me, and I really lucked out finding them at such a reasonable price.


46 thoughts on “EGO 7 First Impressions

  1. I tried those on during my trip to Mary’s Tack on Small Business Saturday. I looked like a complete dork. They didn’t have field boots in my size and I wear a 10. I felt like a court jester. My calves looked so skinny and feet soooo long. Alas, I opted for the Ariats. But I really wanted to like and these boots because I had heard awesome things about them (I even got a tip from a “celebrity” equestrian fashionista Instagrammer that they were good boots). 🙂

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    • They are still pretty much fantastic! They run on the slim side of their size chart, but they do stretch just a little. Have never rubbed anywhere or caused any blisters & I wore them almost all day at the show.


    • How long did your order take to process. Mine has been processing for 8 days which does make me a little nervous since I bought them overseas. Thanks!


      • I received my boots about two weeks from placing the order — I ordered from Germany. I didn’t ever get tracking info, but I emailed to find out whether they had been shipped and got a response w/in 24 hours, so you might try contacting where you ordered from just to see.


  3. Really thinking of purchasing these for schooling…how did these break in for you? Any discomfort while in the process of breaking in? How’s the inner panel like?

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    • As far as breaking in, not a single blister. They run toward the slimmer side of the size chart in the calf, but stretch a bit with wear. First day I wore them they were TIGHT and difficult to zip up but after a few months they fit like a glove. The inner panel is interesting– not really noticeable that it isn’t leather unless you really scrutinize it. I really have zero complaints about these boots and plan to buy the brown ones next.


  4. Hi! How are they holding up 8-9 months on? I’m thinking about getting a pair since they’re looking like my best option for a near custom fit but under $1200. I’m a US size 5, calf width 14-14.5 and calf height 15-15.5 (you would think the equestrian boot world would be more midget friendly) but am a little worried with the tighter calf/ankle. As long as they’re good quality and durable, I suppose some pain to stretch them out would be well worth it for this price. Thanks for all the info you’ve shared…it’s been very helpful to me!

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    • They are still going strong! Minimal break-in time and hold up to everything I’ve thrown at them. I’d buy them again without hesitation. I think if you are toward the bigger end of a calf width size range, you might want to order up, they do seem to run super slim. I am hoping to get a review update about them posted next week 🙂


      • Awesome, thank you so much! Yeah, I’m nervous about the calf width–I have very defined calf muscles from years of tip toeing to reach anything/everything. I’ve resigned myself to buying full customs but would honestly love to get these for half the price if possible. It’s frustrating my half chaps are small/short and fit well but can’t find XL boot calves to fit! There’s a tack shop that carries them about 2hrs from me and I’m hoping they can order them for me to try on before buying…fingers crossed. Thanks again for being so helpful!


      • Alright…I’m 2 boots in but I KNOW 3rd times the charm here. I’m buying through Four Star eventing gear…they’re somewhat local to me so they’ve gotten each pair to me within days of ordering and have been really helpful. First pair the foot was way too big in the foot (but good in the calf but 100% runs very slim/narrow!!! My measurement was totally within range, if not mid-range exactly, and it was close…), the smaller size field boot wasn’t in stock so they sent me smaller size in dress boot to compare foot/calf to decide what, if anything, to get. I love them. The foot is perfect and the calf was still a great fit, even though 1″ shorter. So now anxiously awaiting the correct size and type, they said 2-3 weeks. I’m dying to get them on and broken in. The quality and comfort seem superb and my very picky trainer loves them. Thanks again for all of your thoughts and help!!

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  6. Hi there! I am interested to know how much your boots dropped. I just got a pair and I love how they fit through my calf and ankle, but they seem tall. I seem to be in between heights in any brand, but these are hitting right at the back of my knee (right on the crease) so when I bend my leg it definitely presses into it.


  7. How many days did it take for them to break in? I just got my pair in the mail and was curious. Also, they were a bit baggy on the inside, but still very slim fitting. Will that bagging go away after breaking them in? Thanks!


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