If Animals Could Vote

Election Day is here and why it is not a national holiday in this country, I have no idea.


If you haven’t voted yet, DO IT. It matters. It is not particularly pleasant this election cycle — there weren’t a lot of choices that didn’t make me nauseous — but not to vote doesn’t seem like the best idea this time around.


If animals could vote, who do you think they would vote for? “Carrots for all” would be a popular platform with both horses and rabbits, while “Freedom for cetaceans” could win over all of the still-captive ocean-faring mammals. Animals don’t pay taxes, though, so …

I think animals might be on to something …

Some might trade liberty for food and shelter, while others might insist on liberty at the risk of starvation and succumbing to the elements, but if they had a voice, don’t you think they would speak up? Let’s not take our own voices for granted.

10 thoughts on “If Animals Could Vote

  1. Unfortunatley, I think Thule would vote to lock up all the other dogs, except her favorite friends, so they wouldn’t get in the way when she plays frisbee. Reef would vote for “couches on every corner” and Cosmo would vote for free-feeding cookie machines in pastures with large dirt/shavings pits.

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