Tall Boot Shopping

When so many brands of tall boots fit me off the shelf relatively well, I can’t really justify the expense of custom, as much as I would like to. My DeNiro Ottaviano Aurora field boots have a busted zipper AGAIN, and this time I think the whole zipper needs replacing, not just the pull. On top of that, my Ariat brown tall boots are disintegrating faster by the day–the tongue behind the laces is brittle leather scraps at this point, so you can see my socks behind the laces, and the leather at the toe cap is cracking. I am sad about this because their color is gorgeous and the fit is great. The leather simply isn’t holding up, though. The DeNiros, however,  have lasted through many, many rides and a few shows since 2012, a good 4 years at least. The Ariats? About a year. Granted, they were not in the same price range nor of the same quality as the DeNiros, but even so I am not buying Ariat again.

I have known I would be in the market for tall boots this year for shows at the very least, so I planned a little for the purchase, and looked at 4 tall boots that fell within my budget range.

Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boots

mountainhorsesovereignI had to get these on my options list. I have heard many good things about them, they come in black and two-toned brown, and retailing around $350 is a huge plus. The size chart makes me think the calf might not work for me, but I didn’t want to rule them out altogether.

Parlanti Miami Essential Field Boots

parlantiessentialThese tall boots are on this list out of curiosity more than anything else. Retailing at $600, these are at the top end of my price range. Does anyone have any experience with them? I have heard pros and cons about the regular $1000+ Parlantis, and I wonder how these stack up.

Ego 7 Orion Field Boots


I am super interested in these. From the maker of Tucci, this boot has a lot of features that pique my curiosity. Their size chart lines up with my measurements pretty well. They retail in the States at $500. Although, the Euro sucks right now (thanks, Brexit!) and they seem to be listed at 300 Euro, VAT included on the Schockemohle website …

DeNiro Salento Field Boots


I have had my eye on these for years. I can get them in brown, too. They really fall a bit outside of my budget, but I had such great luck with my first pair of DeNiros as far as getting a ton of use out of them that I have to consider these. Honestly, I could just do full zipper replacement on my current DeNiros and keep them for schooling, which I might still do. The leather is still in fabulous condition. However, they have dropped too much for me to show in them anymore, so I still need a show-worthy pair. If I were to get the Salentos, I know now to order a taller height.

Thoughts? Suggestions? What would you buy?

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  1. I own the Salentos (dress boots) and LOVE THEM SO MUCH. The break-in process was truly painful, but after that was over they fit me like a second skin. The quality of those boots is the absolute best, and I appreciate that the leather is thicker and a bit sturdier than a lot of the other high-end leather-sock style boots that are popular these days. I’m hoping that they will last me a good long time! I also just bought a pair of Mountain Horse boots (not the Sovereigns, something else…) for schooling and am very much under-whelmed with the quality in comparison to the DeNiros, though they are getting better as I break them in. A good friend of mine just bought the EGO7’s and they are a super lovely boot and seem like a good value for the price – I would definitely check them out!

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  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve tall boot shopped since I really haven’t needed them, but I am with you on not buying anything Ariat, not boots anyway. Their quality is much lower than the price suggests.

    I love the look of the Mountain Horse Sovereigns, but I also have never tried them on.

    I did see the Ego boots when I went to South Carolina, and I was definitely interested in them, but didn’t look too closely.

    All that said, if it were me, I’d definitely look at the MH, the Deniros and the Parlanti with a $600 budget. I would also look around online for gently used stuff, but I know not everyone likes to shop that way.

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    1. I am leaning toward the DeNiros and the Ego 7s. I only hesitate to buy boots used because I am looking to get years of use out of them. Plus my feet are too different so I’d rather a break in period mold the boots to my feet more.


      1. I totally understand that. I more meant very lightly used like worn a few times and not really broken in. Just so they’d be a little less than brand new.


  3. I refuse to ever buy Ariats again after Ihad a similar issue: 1 year and they were dropped so far I was getting rubs like they were pull-ons, and the leather quality was just not there. From this list, I’d be most interested in the Ego 7s personally, but last I checked they don’t offer the square toe cap that I personally prefer. Of course you could also order some customs that come out to less than most of these… *wink wink*

    My experience with look-a-likes such as the MHs (to me they look like they want to be Monacos) is that while they look really pretty, there’s usually something lacking such as longevity or comfort, or the fit is odd, but sometimes you find gems too. I haven’t personally worn any of those, though when I recently tried a newer version of your current Deniros, I was surprised that the leather was even stiffer than I was expecting, and I had a really hard time getting the leather to break in and stretch a little because it was too thick and stiff. I’m not sure how the Salentos compare.

    I also just really love a shiny swagger tab, so that was an important feature for me when I was shopping.

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      1. The metal–specifically a swagger tab with a silver tab like Tuccis or the Monacos. I guess I can see where that is confusing.


          1. Exactly. Up close I think the tucci logo without the tab is a little weird, but I still like the look better than naked and you can’t really tell from a distance.


  4. I scored some Parlanti from justriding.com before they were banned from selling to US citizens and I love them. I tried on essentials in Tryon this summer and was not impressed.

    I ordered deniro last year and they just didn’t fit right so I returned them. Boot shopping isn’t that fun to me bc I always end up having a hard time finding that works.

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  5. I have found that the MH boots in brown seem to scratch easier then I would want – but my experience with them is in store only, and the lights are quite drying on the leather products and they don’t get cleaned so maybe that might make a difference. Black ones don’t seem to have that problem.

    I will vouch for the quality of MH though. I have a pair that I have had for about 5 years now, and while I dislike them because of fit ( dress boot they don’t even make anymore ) they have held up amazingly well and their zippers are the best!

    I have heard good reviews about the Ego7’s – just nothing about longevity.

    Agreed on the newer Ariat stuff. I do have an old pair of Dress boots that I wore for 6 years before the zipper busted. I still have them and still haven’t gotten the zippers replaced. Oops!

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    1. Fit and durability are my top two factors to consider–very helpful about the MH durability, thanks! The newer Ariat stuff seems like a disappointment across the board for everyone.


      1. No problem. The style you are looking at fit very well too. I have tried them on and loved them!
        That’s why the store I work for doesn’t care the Ariats anymore, they changed the fit on them and they didn’t fit too many people. We are carrying the Volants now though because of the foot bed.

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  6. I have the Ego7 dress boots. I have super skinny feet so I had to put an insert in for the foot bed to fit me correctly. Otherwise they fit really well. I’ve only worn them for a few shows, but so far I like them. I’ll be wearing them for fox hunting from now until March, so will have a much better perspective on durability by then. Fox hunting is much harder on boots than showing! Also, I got mine on sale from Beval last year during one of the holiday deals and I think I paid about $300 for them. So keep an eye out for that sale!

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  7. Totally followig this. The zipper in my Mountain Horse Firenze boots died in Ireland after I literally said to my friend “If these boots make it through this trip I’ll be shocked.” So much mud and I wasn’t diligent about taking care of them…
    I think I’ll go back to Mountain Horse. I had the boots about 5 years and I found them comfy and nice enough. Plus their price point is amazing. Good to know about Ariats. I love my paddock boots but haven’t ever had tall boots from them.

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  8. Working in a tack store, I’ve seen, felt, and tried on almost every brand. I think it has to be said though, that in an effort to give the buyers what they want, more comfortable off the rack boots with no break in time, many boot companies have gone to thin leather to give the people what they want. Of course, longevity of the thin leather is without a doubt non existant.

    Ariat in my opinion has gone so downhill quality wise, I wouldn’t buy anything from them in the boot department. The only boot I like from them, because its so comfortable is the Monaco Stretch Field boot, but its synthetic and priced like a full leather boot, so no.

    The Parlantis are a joke honestly. The custom ones are gorgeous and made with much higher quality leather, but the off the rack boots are so thin, unless your using them for only horse showing, its a matter of when you’ll wear a hole, not if. The essentials aren’t as contoured in the ankle, and we’ve been getting a lot back with a weird flaking issue.

    The Mountain Horses are cut VERY slim. Like if the sizing say 12.5-13.5 expect to only be able to fit in them if you are 12.5 in the calf. I used to have the Mountain Horse Supremes, which I LOVED, but of course, they were discontinued and replaced with the Sovereigns, which if you fit in them great, but in my experience 1 out of 15 will fit in them at all, they are just cut so slim and tall.

    The Ego7’s are nice, but not traditional. I actually tried them on, and was thinking of getting them as my everyday boot, they fit me really well and compared to what else is on the market are priced well, but I couldn’t get over the weird top. I’m an OCD traditionalist though, although you wouldn’t know it by my current tall boot selection.

    If you haven’t tried the new Tredstep Medicis, you might be interested in them. They run around 400 but in person are much nicer then the Mountain Horse. They’ve improved their zipper in these, thank god, and the footbed is supposedly their most advanced. Worth a try.

    I don’t have any experience with the DeNiros. Like at all, so if you do try the other ones you’ll definitely have to write a review!!

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    1. This wins for most helpful comment, thank you! That is very interesting about the MH tall boots–I actually have really scrawny calves & I was worried that the Sovereigns would be a bit too big, but based on what you say they could work.

      I am still leaning toward the Ego 7s. I don’t mind not traditional too much–I am never in the hunter ring so it isn’t crucial. These would mostly be for daily schooling use, and the occasional small, local one-day shows. I will look at the Medicis, too, as I thunk those might be in-store at the Dover here. Again, thanks for all the info!


  9. I have the DeNiro Salentos field boots and LOVE them. I’ve had them about 3 years now, and the zippers are beginning to get loose around the top half of my calf (also may be the vet school weight gain making me bust out of my boots). I’d buy the width you measure, NOT a width down. I like my sock boots as much as the next person, but I thought I had more give through the elastic and the leather itself didn’t stretch. As far as height goes, I’m 5’8 and the extra tall height is perfect. I am rough on my boots and they are just now beginning to show mild wear (zippers aside) that buffs out with a good coat of polish. The leather quality is fantastic. I wanted the Parlanti look, but durable.

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    1. Another pair of DeNiros is in my future, no doubt. I didn’t size down for my current pair and the fit at the calf has been perfect the whole time, I just need a taller height. I think 3 years on zippers is a pretty good lifespan. The DeNiro leather has definitely proved itself durable!


  10. Mostly I’m just jealous that you can fit into off-the-rack tall boots! I tried on a pair of Mountain Horse boots and just as an FYI they run REALLY TALL compared to other brands.

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  11. I absolutely love my MH Sovereigns, but I will say that my black ones seem to be much higher quality than my brown ones- maybe it’s a difference in the leather dying process? The brown ones are definitely pretty and serviceable as schooling boots, but I don’t expect them to last forever.
    I do really love my black ones though- they broke in easily, polish up beautifully, and are mega-comfortable for all day shows. They’ve taken a real beating over the last year or so and show no signs of slowing down- they’ve gotten use several times a week for about 18 months now and I haven’t found any signs of wear or pulled stitching or anything like that.
    What Tracy said is true- they do run really tall! It works out well for a giraffe-person like me, but definitely something to be aware of.

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