Time Change


The days have already grown shorter, about to be made shorter still in a different sense because of the end of Daylight Savings. I will miss riding at sunset!

Atomic Age

For a few months — late September, all of October, just the beginning of November — riding after work means riding at sunset, being treated to some spectacular views of fire-like light in the west.

High German Baroque

I hate Daylight Savings because I never adjust and feel sleep deprived the entire time between March and November, but after this weekend, I will be riding at night during the work week.


The camera fails to capture the true splendor, other than to show that each sunset differs from the next.

Victorian Gothic

You may have noticed the captions … I tend to characterize the sky’s appearance by periods in art or literature … very loosely … just sort of a habit. I say things in my head like, the sky looks very Mannerist today, or, it’s overcast and turbulent today like in every Ann Radcliffe novel ever.  Sometimes abstraction gets the best of me and I take it beyond what actually makes sense.

26 thoughts on “Time Change

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  1. Your sunset rides have been very nice to look at. I am actually looking forward to the time change this year since I have been walking Reef in the dark darkness of pre-dawn for a few weeks now. I also ride in the mornings usually, but it’s been too chilly/dark/hard to be outside before the sun is fully up.

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  2. I’m going to miss the dramatic and beautiful sunsets as backdrops to my rides as well. And in fact the outdoor at the new place doesn’t have lights so we are entering indoor season. Le sigh.

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    1. I don’t mind riding arena lights. What sucks is that the option to ride in the field after work is now gone, which means no riding for me in wet weather 😦


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