Fall Reflection

Eli and I had a fairly quiet weekend. I jumped him a little bit Friday evening and didn’t have a lesson on Saturday because of a schooling show at the barn. I hacked him around on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed having the place to myself, savoring the quiet time to spend with Eli.


How many pictures do you even have of your horse grazing? I think I have thousands at this point.

Our next show, if we go, is weeks away. The weather languidly waffles between summer and fall here, which has made riding, especially in the evenings, much more pleasant overall. I am thinking I might better give Eli a shampoo bath this week before it gets too chilly.

I don’t think I ever posted this picture last year …

Around this time last year, Eli went through a rather strenuous few weeks of a tooth extraction, sinus surgeries, and somewhat gruesome after care. I am so thankful for this horse and that he recovered from all of that — what a difference a year has made!

I hope to cherish every autumn evening with this horse moving forward, under the bright lights and big black skies salted with nebulae and cosmic dust. His resilient spirit inspires me endlessly, keeps me looking up.


21 thoughts on “Fall Reflection

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    1. The holes are actually from the sinus surgeries! Had to remove dead tissue, not just crap in the sinus. The tooth was pulled, came out in one piece with a lot of gross stuff … there’s video, but I don’t have it and never want to see it.

      Arena lights are not optional for me–I work too late sometimes. So glad we have them!


  1. wow has it already been a year? so glad that he seems to have recovered so well!! and also. yea. i have basically all of the pictures of my horse grooming. and he looks awkward and ridiculous in all of them and yet i still keep snapping…. ❤

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